Riot Games and Bungie may offer competing video game products, but there’s one thing they can agree upon: Cheating in their games is bad. The two companies, makers of Valorant and Destiny 2, respectively, have joined forces to sue a cheat maker for its games.

As reported by Polygon, the suit targets GatorCheats and its creator, Cameron Santos, which is “specifically designed to go undetected by Riot[‘s] and Bungie’s anti-cheat technology systems.” Bungie previously issued a cease and desist to GatorCheats, which claimed to stop selling the Destiny 2 cheat (while continuing to support existing players) but Bungie alleges that the cheat is still being sold.

The two companies allege that the damages brought by GatorCheats “may amount to millions of dollars” and are seeking to shut down the operation.

Riot received a lot of attention — not all of it positive — for its Vanguard anti-cheat system for Valorant, for which it offered up a reward to players who would be able to crack it.

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