League of Legends is a big game, 15 million big to be specific. It’s also an e-sport and not just the kind of “e-sport” that gets thrown around in PR hype before a new PvP game release. League of Legends e-sport scene is the real deal with it’s latest championship garnering over 1 million live viewers. When any game commands that large of an audience, let alone a game as competitive as League of Legends, any changes to the game’s balancing must be explained in great detail.

Players are passionate about what they feel is “true” balance in their eyes. So when Riot Games announced their planned changes for the third season of League of Legends, they had to create an indepth overview video complete with a chapters menu! The devils in the details and both Riot and their fans know it.

The video features Riot’s Associate Game Analyst “Jatt” and Lead Designer “Morello” who cover three main topics: Items, The Jungle and Masteries.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. This game is awesome. Excited to see the new UI and shop changes that weren’t needed but are definitely some great luxuries. Don’t know how I feel about how leashing works now, but everything else seems great. Nice to have the Machete for a little early jungling power. Some questionable item nerfs (no more super-bane-of-mage tanks, I’ll miss you Force of Nature) :*( but also some great new items and changes to previous ones. Overall a great update and I can’t wait to see what’s coming up this season.

  2. Taunting isn’t that special, but what he is trying to prove is that Riot games spends more time designing assassins and other classes than tanks, and I agree as well. None of the champs are op at the moment, your just not counter picking. The game is pretty good over all but the thing that sucks most about it is the community. If you do something wrong or your just beginning I actually recommend that you ignore (/ignore “insertplayername”) everyone in everygame that you play because you will get raged and flamed at HARD. Even if its not your fault, prepare to get reported for dieing 1 more time than the guy that is raging you. Most of the people that play this game are a bunch of 12 year olds that play COD and think that kills make you a good player.

    ~ Good luck Noobies, its a hell of a learning curve.

  3. League of LEgends is nothing but: LEague of Teemo, ashe, “insert two assasins” and the 5th is useless whatever. Gauranteed win. The third patch address nothing and this company is garbage. One little tweak to make teemo at least more skill based is make his darts NON AUTO TARGETING, make them so you have to line up your shot and fire.
    I think the best example of how OP the classes are. I played against a team that was balanced, and they were murdering us with 21/7 etc… I had 2/20 and my team mates 7/25 etc….(kills/death) AND WE WON! bawhhwwh and all we did was zerg the top lane the last phase, lvl 18, teemos OP kept people out of range, the assins just charged and over hyped the towers and win.

    The big problem next patch is awarding speed. This game is already favoring assasins over mele and tanks. They 100s of chars, only 4 tanks and only 2 can taunt. This is bad and shows this is really assasin vs assasin game…plus teemo LOL!

    • U have no idea what u are talking about, this game doesnt favor assassins but bruisers, have u seen jax, fiora, irelia, renekton, yorick, etc? they are not assassins they are bruisers, talon is an assassin and if u build him towards dmg dies in 2 hits and if u build him with hp is unnable to kill a bruiser. Besides teemo is the counter for ad champs, have u tried to kill him with oriana, swain, annie or any other caster?

        • I am actually hard on happy to report truth in a dark dark marketing sector of gaming. Plus, it is like the feeling of a teacher walking into a class of kindergardners. I mean…just look at student DERPS post above

      • YOur brain must be damaged: ” jax, fiora, irelia, renekton, yorick, etc? ” YOU
        ME: only 4 tanks and only 2 can taunt.
        I jsut entioned that. LEARN TO READ DERPSTER

        • Dude you obviously dont know enough about this game to say anything. You probly just suck really bad and dont know how to play/build any of the off/tank bruisers to be tank. FYI there arent just 4 tanks…..seriously how blind are you? Not to mention theres maybe 1 assasin type character on any team at a given time and that more or less the AD carries job. Teemo is hardly ever used if you play ranked because he is countered easily. You should learn your facts on league and learn to play the right way before you go shooting the game down.

        • wow u just went full retard. never go full retard man. obviously u r low lvl summoner who doesnt even know how to play real game. just pathetic lil qq-er. zz.

    • Hehe i cant agree less teemo isnt op at all most ap mid champs can take him same goes for most top champs and some tanks like ap malph and their are sevral ad carries that ar stronger than ashe if you ask me like corki and vayne as for “insert two assasins” nope id say that having a jungler is more important then sure you might av an assasin jungler but you’ll still need a support for warding/healing even if they somewhat drop in power late game and tanks are not all about taunting theyre there for initiating too like maplh he does that great 🙂

    • Did u tried to lvl up till 30 and play ranked at higher 1400 elo?Teemo almost useless there.
      There is tons of chars who can be tanky.And btw,there 3 chars who can taunt-shen,rammus and galio.
      Just another noob whines about things he doesn’t know.This game is not about assassins\bruisers\ad or ap carry.Its about teamplay.
      Patch made many unplayable chars more valuable. And great stuff for supports.I realy enjoy this patch.

  4. Mounted!

    Now that that’s out of the way, I gotta say… I am so excited about these changes. Can’t wait to see how it revamps the gameplay. I’ll probably end up actually jungling after this.


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