Freejam, the developer of the robot build and battle game Robocraft, is on a mission for good. All week long, the company is running a “You Play, We Pay” event to raise money to help a 6 year old girl in her fight against a rare brain tumor.

The girl, named Kaleigh, has an inoperable tumor called DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Giloma) — something for which there is currently no known cure. Like most parents, Kaleigh’s aren’t prepared to deal with the long term financial impact of trying to fight this kind of medical problem in one of their children, so they started a fundraiser on Chuffed.org seeking £214,000 ($264461.20 US). They’ve also kicked off a Change.org petition to encourage more funding into DIPG brain tumor research.


The Robocraft craft team is offering their players an easy way to help Kaleigh’s family with their expenses — by simply playing the game. For every match players complete, Freejam will donate 4 pence (about 8 cents US) to Kaleigh’s fund. It may not seem like a lot on its surface, but if enough players play enough matches, it can add up to a lot.

If you’re not in the playing mood, but are still interested in helping out Kaleigh and her family, you can donate at the Chuffed link above. Be sure to share the link to that and the petition via Twitter or your other social networks as well.

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    • I assume you are working for them since you should have lost faith in developers after reading this advertisement.
      I guess you think it is ok to use that little girl critical health condition in order to advertise their game and profit

    • People who think it’s ok to use a little girl’s sickness/critical condition in order to profit and advertise their game make me sick and should be shut down.

  1. For all of the trolls saying why that kid. Say that when you have a child with a fatal illness and cant afford to help. Before you open your troll holes think about your words because someday you will eat them. Has doing something good not become enough for people anymore. You don’t know pain until you each your child die.

    • The parent’s should just get a job or ask for a raise or get help without extorting their daughter by mass advertising her illness and promoting it.

    • The problem here is that they do not care at all about that kid. They are just using her in order to promote their game and that is sick.

      Do not try to turn that around. They do not care about doing something good. Just like all developers and publishers they only care about money.

      Everyone here would love for that girl to get better.

  2. Lol why that kid? Why not any other kid with brain tumor? Why not raise money to research a cure for all kids not just that kid who looks fine out and about not in a hospital dying. Robocraft… fail

    • Yeah why just that one single kid sure she has expenses her family probably can’t afford but it really why just that one single kid? Raise money for all the kids with the same problem raise money to find a cure so society can prevent this problem again in the future. It feels like they are promoting this girls sickness just to get the name of their game advertised it feels like a epic fail because I know I won’t play this game. I’d donate if I can but trying to start my own future as a college student I’m unable to but like I said the devs of this game are sick for promoting this girls sickness just to promote their game to get more players.

  3. *Sigh* That kid’s too adorable to ignore. Downloading robocraft right now and gonna play some matches. Strength of Indra’s vajra to you Kaleigh, Oṃ Indrāya Namaḥ

  4. I hate the cash shop micro currency MMOs (not calling robocraft one) But I love it when devs like this one make events like this to raise money for good things or things that benefit the game on a massive scale but this is a huge deal and I’m really happy the developer is raising money to help this little girl fight her war against the brain tumor she has. I hope she get’s better one day. I wish I had the spare funds to donate to help her and her family out but as a college student trying to make it big in a profession I rather not say since it might start flaming I need all the funds I can get.

    • Oops I forgot to finish before clicking submit. But what I was gonna finish off saying I wish her family the best of luck and hope the fundraiser turns out good so they can pay the medical bills. And I wanna thank the developer for doing what he’s doing for helping the family I’m sure they appreciate everyone for helping out. And I hope they can find a cure one day so she can be cured of this awful brain tumor.


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