Rumbleverse Mid-Season Update Adds Major Gameplay Balance Changes, Debuts New Special Moves, Weapons, And Items

The first of many balance updates likely to come.

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Rumbleverse Update

Iron Galaxy's free-to-play battle royale Rumbleverse has received its first Mid-Season update over a month after being launched. The patch presents significant gameplay changes and introduces several additions to keep the chaos and action going strong in Graptial City.

The released patch notes on the Rumbleverse website are a rather long list of updates, but the main thread to pay attention to right away is the gameplay balance changes. "To encourage more thoughtful use of Superstar Mode, and in order to make confirms into Supers cost a bit more," says the devs, they will be making the following changes:

Super Move now takes 25 Star Power, chaining back-to-back Super Moves will take longer, missing Super Move will end Super Mode early, and they will "continue to monitor" Superstar Mode if adjustments are necessary for the future. Their sweeping changes across the board are available for you to read on the blog, following into the speed of Vicious Attacks, air dodges, and more. Also, Iron Galaxy urges players not to take "any one of these changes in a vacuum" because they "may paint an inaccurate picture" of the game as they figure out what works.

A new Divekick family of Special moves and an Epic tier Super IzunaDrop are now available in-game. For the former, the Special move only appears in Epic variety, can be used as a ground attack, and when used at the peak of a player's jump can transition into a Perfect Divekick. Super IzunaDrop is amiable by the player, and guidable right up to when it connects. As for new items, Iron Galaxy added Mooscles Shake that appears around town in Mooscles vendors, filling 1/3rd of the Superstar meter upon use.

Lastly, let's talk shop about the new weapons, with the now rarest item in the game, Keybat, being the most powerful of the bunch. With it, players can send out energy projectiles, glide in the air, perform combos, and drop attacks. Moreover, Iron Galaxy debuts more to the Golf Club family of weapons, coming in Common, Rare, and Epic varieties.

Are you jumping into Rumbleverse to try out these changes and new additions? Let us know below!

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