Jagex Games Studio released the latest RuneScape expansion, Clan Citadels. This expansion fills RuneScape’s horizon with a multitude of floating castles, offering in-game clans a much-anticipated unique and fully customisable gameplay experience.

Details of the expansion were first released earlier this month, resulting in a surge of players rushing to join the game and pledge their allegiance to one of the existing 200,000+ clans. From today, any clan with five or more RuneScape members will be able to take ownership of its own Citadel.

Clan Citadels are set to break the mould for group gaming in MMOs by offering players unmatched customisation and freedom to create user-generated multiplayer content. Clans choose from four initial Citadel layouts and propel their Citadel into glorious sunshine or perpetual night. Players then have unrestricted customisation options for their castle keep, and can add a range of banners and flags, flying the colours of their clan for all to see.

The centrepiece of today’s expansion is the clan battlefields feature, presenting unique sandbox environments allowing clans to generate their own gameplay, a RuneScape first. The Battleground Editor allows players to generate their own combat scenarios and multiplayer games. Clans can create any activity, including simple capture-the-flag games, deathmatches, ball games, mazes, and any combination of these. Once the battlegrounds are fine-tuned, players can challenge other clans to participate in large-scale battles and competitions.

Each clan’s Citadel can be upgraded through seven tiers, unlocking more space, skilling hotspots, impressive elements and special features. These include skilling zones, portal grounds, meeting areas, a senate, dragon perch, and party room.

Clan Citadels is released to RuneScape today. To create your free account and see the Citadels for yourself, visit www.runescape.com.


  1. Shows how much all of you know. -.- apparently Jagex as the RuneScapers like to call “Fagex” have updated the graphics changing the entire game. I personally prefered the game in 2006 but now the graphics have updated alot and they have changed the armour details and looks + effects but NO you do not need to be a member to play the game and YES you can get your stuff back if you loose it but it all depends on your stats and how good of a player you are. I hope everyone trys the game again. 🙂

  2. ughh Runescape is crap if you lose ur stuff BAD luck u cant get it back But in world of warcraft the gm’s help you they recover it and far more better graphics and things to do GOOD LUCK SHIT RUNESCAPERS

  3. My first thought when I read the title was “Members Only” and it is. Don’t bother doing this if your not a member.

  4. Looks awesome, i wish this game had a nice quality. And needed to be downloaded with all skills and stuff in it would be awesome. But Runescape, How it is now not gonna play it 🙂 have fun runescapers xD (the community sux there, i really don’t like it)


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