It’s starting to feel like all game devs everywhere are in the summer spirit. We’ve already told you about TERA’s summer event earlier today. And now? We’re on to Runescape where the Lumbridge Crater has been turned into a hot summer resort. From now until August 10, players will be able to enjoy several activities, including sandcastle building, beach ball rolling, and even a BBQ. Just watch your temperature gague, because if you get too hot, you’ll need to cool down before doing anything else.

If that’s not enough good news — and new content — for you, we do have more. On July 27, the next quest in the Elder Gods story line will be made available. In order to attempt the Desperate Measures quest, players will need to have completed Desperate Times and meet the level requirements: 75 combat, 50 archaeology, and 50 agility.

In related news, Jagex has made some adjustments to account security on the mobile version of the game. They’ve also brought Cerberus back — this time in pet form.

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