Finally, some RuneScape news that isn’t about its login woes. Today, Jagex announced the release of the Once Upon a Time: Flashback quest, which is live now and continues the game’s 20th anniversary celebration by sending players “on a journey to RuneScape’s past to save its future.” Maybe they can travel back to two months ago and make sure all those login issues don’t happen …

In actuality, the primary antagonist of the storyline, Relomia, is rewriting old quests so that main characters are dying. Players will have to team up with “the mysterious ghost Closure who’s working alongside Death” to fix the quests and save everyone from dying. (You’d think Death would be OK with that.) Completing the Flashback quest will net players a Medium XP lamp and Closure’s Book.

The new quest is available only to RuneScape members. You can learn more about it here.

As for those locked-out accounts: The third wave of returns got back into the game today, and it’s “much larger than previous waves.” Jagex hopes to keep scaling up the waves as things progress. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another 20 years before everyone’s back into the game.

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