Save Master Tayjin In Blade & Soul’s Newest Mythical Dungeon

Players are returning to Nykarri Island again.

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Blade & Soul’s story continues in Namdo Shrine’s mythical dungeon releasing today, June 8. Players will be able to carry on with their journey on Nykarri Island and explore the island’s lore all the while trying to rescue an old friend. After completing the story quests and conquering the Hall of Trials, players will continue their quest after Elder Kyarhun sends them a letter, inviting players back to Nykarri Island with some news. In the next leg of the journey, players will need to rescue Master Tayjin.

Like most Demonsbane dungeons, the Namdo Shrine will also have 20 available stages. What makes all Demonsbane dungeons different is that instead of Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties, this dungeon offers several stages that increase in challenge level and may even introduce different dungeon effects like: Discord, Executive Power, Fatal Injury, Fatigue, Rage, and more.

All players will start at Stage 1 and, after earning Demonsbane XP, players will be able to unlock the next stage. After a Stage has been unlocked, players can revisit that stage at any time. During the Namdo Shrine Boss, players can be rewarded with a plethora of items based on what stage they are currently attempting. Then, after beating the boss, players will be able to bid gold to obtain rewards like the True Upsurge Weapon Chest, Dayspring Psyche, Exceptional True Starcross Earring Chest, Dissension Psyche, or the Exceptional True Starcross Ring Chest.

Players can return to Nykarri Island and fight the chaos in this new dungeon starting today.

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