Destiny 2‘s got a quest that’s so easy, it doesn’t even require you to kill anything. Instead, you just run around an empty map for a while and listen to NPCs banter. Oh, and Lord Shaxx sings.

OK, that’s not quite true. You’ll need to complete one round of the Sundial, the new seasonal event, and there’s some shooting in that. After you’re done with that, however, you report back to Saint-14, who then tasks you with running around a Crucible map, but there are no enemies there; you just have to collect 10 Timelost Fragments from corpses. Complete that and you’ll be rewarded with Devil’s Ruin, an exotic sidearm that shoots lasers, potentially even blowing off an entire magazine at once for maximum damage.

That’s a nice reward, but even nicer is the conversation that goes on between Lord Shaxx, Saint-14, and Osiris. At one point, Saint asks Shaxx about a weapon he hands out to Guardians in the Crucible (“It shoots bullets, Saint, it’s a gun.”) before the arbiter of the Crucible breaks into song. Who says you can’t teach an old Titan new lyrics?

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