As promised, Funcom’s Secret World Legends is finally making its way to Steam in just a few short days. If you’re one of those people who likes using Valve’s service to manage your games, you’ll be able to add SWL to your list on July 31.

To get the game, you’ll just need to log into Steam and download the client. Note. If you’re already playing Secret World Legends, you’re doing so on the Funcom client, which is separate from the Steam version. So, if you download on Steam, you’ll might want to delete the other.

That said, there is a huge upside to downloading the client on Steam. All in-game purchases are done using the Steam Wallet — which you might be a bit more comfortable with than the third-party company you go through on the other client. (Although, if you’re a PayPal fan, the point is probably moot.)

There is one other thing to keep in mind if you were a player of The Secret World. If you bought the game on Steam, your SWL account will be moved to the Steam client — even if you’re already playing on the Funcom client. If you don’t want to move to the Steam client, you’ll have to change your Steam account to a Funcom account. Conversely, if you’ve only had a SWL account and would like to move it to Steam, you can. However, the process can’t be reversed.

For all the how-to info on the Steam account, there’s a FAQ available on the SWL site.

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  1. whats the point of going from swl client to steam? do we get something? does it separate steam players from original players?

    • Expanding their audience, I would imagine. There are probably more Steam users than Funcom account holders.


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