Serpentine Boss, Imoogi, Finally Arrives In Black Desert Online For Consoles

And Black Desert Mobile players get a new class.

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Black Desert Mobile And Console Updates

Updates are now available for on both the console and mobile versions of Black Desert. Both bring new content to their respective games. For players of the console versions, a new boss has been added – the serpentine boss, Imoogi, introduced in the PC version’s Land of the Morning Light update. Defeating this boss will require players to pay a lot of attention, due to the amount of AoEs that must be dodged in the process.

In addition to the new boss, the mobile version also offers players free PEN gear, ranging from helms to shoes. These will be found in the “Wuju’s Gift of the Traveler of the Abyss” obtained after completing The Magnus quest. Players can also look forward to a few quality-of-life updates as well.

Black Desert Mobile players now have access to the game’s new Wizard Class: Igneous Ascension. Using a rod and knife, cast powerful magic attacks, the wizard casts elemental spells that are useful in large-scale battles. The Wizard’s abilities include Lightning Storm, Mana Echo, Teleportation, and Elemental Flow. The result is a mixture of AoE abilities and maneuverability.

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