As Closed Beta was about to start this morning, the team behind Skyforge,’s upcoming free-to-play MMORPG, released their next installment of the Dev Diary series. The focus this time was on everyone’s max level favorite activity (sarcasm included for Jason Winter’s sake), raiding.

Skyforge’s raids will feature 10 player content and each raid should take about an hour to complete for a well trained group. With Skyforge’s system of job swapping, a change in weapons changes your class, groups have quite a bit of freedom when it comes to group composition on a per fight basis. This flexibility is increased when you factor in that Skyforge has no dedicated healer. Everyone is responsible for helping keep themselves and their teammates alive.

The Dev Diary walks us through an example encounter that seems to follow all the typical mechanics we’ve seen in other MMORPGs. Dodge AOEs, learn when to push a boss to the next phase, deal with adds, etc etc. Skyforge does offer a branching path through raid content though so your group is free to mix things up if you’re having issues with a particular encounter.

Much to Jason’s lament, Skyforge’s raids will be the key to unlocking much of the endgame gear needed although raids aren’t the only endgame activity currently slated for release.

I’ve been trying to get you guys and gals a First Look all morning but I’m one of the unlucky testers that can’t get into the game due to Error 107 (lost connection) so I’ll keep plugging away at it.

Stay tuned!


  1. Play the game before you judge it. It will be free, you have no reason to not try it. Devs have said it will not feature pay-to-win aspects, and until such an aspect occurs, there is not a single reason to decry this game. If the game looks to you like something you do not want to play, say that, don’t say the game is bad; this makes you look like a judgmental asshole who can’t form opinions into words.

    “Devs are liars and scammers”? Do you even have a single fact to back that up, given that developers and publishers are different entities with different priorities?

  2. Judging this game before you even play it -.-
    Allods was actually a sick game which I enjoyed heaps!
    Skyforge looks great!
    The devs have really given so much thought, time and effort into this game and for all of you to just sit back in your chairs with your fedoras on and say “ah nah it’s sh*t* before it’s even released is probably one of the rudest and most ungrateful things you can do.
    Yeah sure Allods started on a bad foot but they worked with the community and fixed so much!
    The devs have really produced something heaps interesting which stands apart from your average fantasy MMORPG, so just respect what they have to offer and understand that people learn from their mistakes.

  3. Literally from the same people behind Allods Online.

    I think you can connect the dots from there.

    If you haven’t played Allods, it was one of the first extremely pay to win MMORPGs introduced to the west.

    • Allods cash shop was a result of the publisher,at the time),Gpotato. Skyforge is not only mechanically different (to the point of pay to win being quite difficult to achieve) it’s also being hosted by a different publisher.

    • I actually play Allods so let me give you some insight that others aren’t.

      There is a Ftp server and a P2p server. On top of this, the level cap is now 65. The new leveling zones are absolutely beautiful, along with quests, raids, and all that. The team involved with this has been a huge improvement over the old one by far.

      The free to play one, let’s just not even go there. I found the average rune level is about 10-11 now with dozens of people having 13 offensives if not full 13s. They just want your money and even make you pay for another level of patronage. In my honest opinion, stay away from free to play. We’re talking over a hundred dollars a month just to keep up with elixers and uncurse scrolls and all that cash shop shit.

      The subscription server however is worth playing if you do want to return. There’s no cash shop at all. Mounts are obtained through a vendor and raids, etc. Resetting stats and abilities costs gold instead of crystals (currency that costs $$). You catch the drift, right?

      Anyways, the one flaw about the sub server is the current population. As in the other replies, people see it as “dead” and they don’t recommend anyone to play on it because of that. Truth is, how is it supposed to gain players with that mindset? It isn’t as populated as the ftp server but there’s enough people to do raids, astral, end game shit in general, etc. The population is growing, slowly. I just wish we could get some advertising.

      Speaking Skyforge, a few of my guild mates play it and they like it a lot. The only thing that has me worried is we all know how Allods turned into a game that having the cash shop wasn’t game breaking and look what it turned into now.


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