Skyforge's 'Return Of The Serpent Queen' Converts Prestige To Rank System

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The latest Skyforge update 'Return of the Serpent Queen' went live today, bringing a variety of fixes, changes, and new challenges to the free-to-play MMO. One of the most important things of note is the altering of the Prestige system.

DON'T freak out.

Prestige isn't going away... and you're not going to lose your points. However, has decided that understanding the original system might be a bit difficult due to how high the numbers can get. With some players eeking up on the billion Prestige mark, they decided it might be time to adjust how the numbers are displayed. So, they are adding a rank system.

Players' current prestige points will still display, along with a matching rank. In addition, there will be a progress bar and an indication of how many points are needed to reach the next Prestige rank. Hopefully, it will give players a clearer indication of where they are at.

Full details on Prestige Rank and everything else that arrived with the new patch are available in the latest set of patch notes.

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Discussion (6)

Mizhun 6 years ago
Let it sink already

NGoHT2 6 years ago
Let it sink already

NGoHT 6 years ago
Let it sink already.

Holycow 6 years ago
This is like Firefall all over again. They keep dumbing the game down.
Might as well just put in an auto button that does everything for you.

Tio_Z 6 years ago
Good question. Can you play with your friends yet?

Buggy 6 years ago
Do ppl still even play this game

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