Today, on the SMITE Showcase, Hi-Rez announced the game’s next god. Joining the Greek pantheon is Achilles, famed hero of the Trojan War, warrior in Homer’s Iliad, and the guy that tendon at the back of your ankle is named after.

Achilles is an offensive/defensive warrior that can be used in both combat and lane-ing. He has a unique ability that allows him to remove his armor in favor of being able to move quickly — and probably to show off his abs since he’s designed to be a pretty god. His shield can be used to attack enemies, even stunning those he’s close to. And, since he’s a hero favored by the gods, one of his abilities grants him their blessings — meaning buffs. He can also dodge in pretty much any direction.

Finally, his ultimate is an execute ability that can be used five times in a row, resulting in a pentakill. But, players wanting to do this will have to pay a price as it amplifies the amount of damage he will take.

In addition to the new god, the stream highlighted several new skins that will be available in the 5.3 update. And they range from super adorable Easter and Saint Patrick’s day skins to darker skins such as a vampire and a dark warrior.

FEAR the marshmallow peep bunnies!


As always, you can read more about update 5.3 on the SMITE site.

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