SOE went back and forth a bit when their initial plan for subscriptions met with some fan resistance. The result, however, is nearly here, as the company announced it would be switching to its All-Access program for all its games later this month, on April 23.

As detailed on the SOE forums, players will be able to pay $14.99/month, with discounts for multi-month plans, and receive premium access to all of SOE’s current titles — EverQuest, EverQuest II, DC Universe Online PC, PlanetSide 2 PC, and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes — as well as Landmark, EverQuest Next, and, presumably, H1Z1 (which was still under wraps until hours after this post went live) when those games are made available. SOE is still “finalizing membership benefits to Dragon’s Prophet.”

Members will receive 500 Station Cash per month, a 10% discount on store items, and various other, unnamed, exclusive goodies.

There are a lot of questions regarding various special subscription situations, like whether lifetime subs to DCUO will also have lifetime All-Access membership (they will, as long as DCUO is operating on PC), so if you have a specific question, pore through the thread or contact customer support.


  1. I don’t mind having an optional subscription along with the cash shop, It allows people who don’t want to pay monthly to still get what they want, and it gives subscribers lots of extra deals and complimentary premium currency to spend on said sales.

  2. You do all realize nothing has changed other then All Access going down in price…. Not to mention all their games are free and if you add in the 500 cash its 10 dollars a month for extra benefits in all those games. 19.99 a month was great 14.99 is even better.

    • the change is more than 5 dollars a month, in a way. it now gives people reason to go to all access vs. a single game sub increasing the chances that people will now actually look at their other games when they didn’t before, like me. I saw no reason to pay an extra 5 bucks a month for games I wasn’t sold on. but now I might as well check them out since it doesn’t cost extra. that may lead to extra cash shop sales.

      overall its better for us as gamers, and better for them with more potential sales. plus if this does well It may prove to other companies that this is a lucrative model and others may follow suit.

  3. That’s one of the best sub models for f2p games.It makes turbine’s look kinda lacking.And completely shits on Trion’s.

  4. “I was wondering if anyone remembers me saying that games would end up like Netflix in a way?”

    No, I don’t remember you ever saying that…in fact I don’t even remember who you are.

  5. Why are you people freaking out? $15 a month isn’t that much if you ask me. At the very least, all the stuff they’re offering is worth much more than they’re asking for.

  6. I was wondering if anyone remembers me saying that games would end up like Netflix in a way? that you would be able to pay a monthly fee to access a site and get the use of all the games on said site. I noted companies like Valve and EA already having the ability to do it.

    granted this isn’t quite to that point yet, but an all access sub sure seems to be a step in that direction. if I recall it was mocked a bit. I stated we would see the start of such a thing in Q3 of this year. that prediction seems a lot more likely now than it did then.

    • Single player games have it to an extent with services like gamefly and gametap, the pc market is still kind of limited on what games are downloadable but it’s expanding gradually. It’s like you say about the equivalent to netflix, as you have access to rented console games and an online pc database filled with some aaa titles but mostly indie stuff. Same as netflix and their online movies. As far as mmos go soe will be the first offering this for them to my knowledge. And it is a pretty good deal all around. They have some good games available but a lot of people hate the restricted free elements. Still better than an unlimited trial if you ask me and if you play multiple of their titles and can’t fork out 15 bucks for multiple vip packages you deserve to be hammered with restrictions since you likely wouldn’t pay for anything in one of the games anyhow in my opinion. There are tons of low budget or pay to win titles for you to experience without any associated vip services if you object to paying costumers having the benefit of all content access. I don’t play these games but if I did I’d be willing to pay that much since i usually pay vip on ragnarok when i am playing it or buy a couple vanity items in whatever other game i play at the time so it doesn’t bother me.

    • in DCUO once you have a membership there is very little youd actually want in the cash shop. the vanity items are not much to clamor for, the boosts are only attractive if you have very little time to game, and the dungeon reset items (cant think of their name atm) are mostly for those who don’t do much else with their life.

      if the other games are anything like that, its not really an issue. plus 15 dollars for an all access sub is a far better value than a single game sub. when you add the other benefits you get in each game + the 500 station cash in case you want a cash shop item, sounds like a good deal to me.

      keep in mind I have no issue with subs to begin with. so an all access sub + benefits + station cash to me is a great deal. in fact I may actually check out games I never bothered with before. I already pay for the membership in DCUO, even though I don’t play much, so why not right.

      that’s just my opinion, but I don’t approach these things like every company is just super greedy either. I see them for what they are, companies providing a service for a profit. if that service is attached to a good deal, which I believe this can be seen that way, I don’t see the issue. 15 dollars a month is an awesome price for a month of entertainment, especially when it gives you a variety like this seems to offer.


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