Sony Faces Subpoena From Microsoft To Help Build Its Defense Against FTC Lawsuit

The court filing reveals Microsoft wants Sony to divulge details of PlayStation's game production pipeline.

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Microsoft Subpoenaed PlayStation Pipeline

A recent court filing reveals Microsoft has served Sony with a subpoena to divulge details of PlayStation's game production pipeline, which the Xbox maker believes will provide details that could build its defense against the FTC lawsuit.

While also relevant to its case, Microsoft believes the information may include confidential details that Sony would be reluctant to share with its rival, according to VGC. The court filing reads: "Negotiations between SIE and Microsoft as to the scope of SIE’s production and a discovery schedule are ongoing."

After a week-long extension, Sony has until January 27th to either respond to the subpoena, move to limit, or quash it.

This news follows a whirlwind of legal fiascos and concerns on Microsoft's pending Activision-Blizzard deal. The FTC announced its plans to sue Microsoft in December, arguing the Xbox maker could "suppress competitors" to its Xbox console, subscription content, and cloud gaming business. Unlike the FTC, Sony has been a constant adversary to the deal, having many concerns over its ability to compete with Microsoft if it owned Call of Duty.

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