Gamania Digital Entertainment announced that it has begun Closed Beta registration for its upcoming free-to-play MMORPG, Soul Captor. The game will offer gamers an epic fantasy adventure filled with challenging quests, comradery and magic.

Soul Captor’s Dual World will open its gates to Oracles from the 3rd of July 2012. Go right now to the official website at there is still time to register to get access!


  1. Even though this game does look kid i would still give it a try. I mean it can’t be any worse then Waren Story i hope…

  2. aparently just like divina, you’ll have to pay with irl money to open 2 extra characters slots in the account. (max 5) scumbag beanfun
    it’s ok, we’ll spamm accounts again, I have 5 differents already haha, the good thing is that when theres event log to win, 5 accounts actually comes in hand.

    there’s a few info about the game in the forum, things like, you can’t add stats manually… every class can wear two different weapons, the game have a bot system with alot of configurations (according to gm) hope this dang bot system isn’t pay to win haha

  3. omfg no one knows how much attention THESE looks get anime mmo’s are getting the most attention in mmo-gaming and no one actually sees that those 2 are NOT Player Controlled they had own feelings

  4. Funny video, kid looking obviously. Funny thing is look’s like a high level player is going out of there way to save a noob, doesn’t happen most of the time. Rarely. Then all of a sudden falls for her? Make’s no sence for me again, no highby is gonna fall for a lowby. UNLESS they know each other out of game. Whole new story there xD.

  5. kill monsters, capture the cards, ride them and summon them for your anima (pet) to ride too. well its comming out in 3 days…. hope it can hold me for more than 3 days, those games nowdays ffs. just f*** copy ragnarok+dark ages, make da best game D:


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