Disney has announced a new Free-to-Play Star Wars title appropriately named, Star Wars: Attack Squadron. As you might expect, Attack Squadron is focused on PvP space combat between the two factions in many iconic locations. So far only three game modes have been announced, including Team Deathmatch, Free-for-All, and Base Defense.

While details are scarce, Disney has promised players the opportunity to fly classic spacecraft such as the Tie-Fighter and X-Wing. According to the official site, players will be able to purchase upgrades and customize their ships with in-game currency earned after each fight. To keep things fresh Disney says it will add new ships, upgrades, and items every month.

Players can already signup for the beta, which is set to kick off in early 2014.





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    • dude, does pay2win is the only thibg you care about? Like, every comment you write is “oh, it’s pay2win, don’t play pay2win sh*t”.
      Jees man, stop acting like an idiot

  1. I don’t have high hopes. Disney puts out a lot of great things, but their game programmers are pretty garbage, as are most of the games they put out.

  2. I’ve been playing a lot of Star Conflict lately, more or less in lieu of a good Star Wars ship based PvP game. I hope this works out really well, because there is nothing like flying an X-wing around and blasting TIE fighters out of the sky.

  3. I don’t get it SWtor is launching they’re ships and Disney too??? are we talking about 2 games same playgame or what???

    I’m confused…

    • It’s Disney’s game…that deal EA signed did NOT include all online game, just most(probably all..gata reread their statement) single player games and probably the licence for SWTOR. Either way fak the ship pvp in SWTOR….

  4. you have no idea how much time i have waited for a PvP space combat game to come out like this one, seeing this makes me happy i’ll surely play it.

  5. I think the Stars Wars spaceships will pull me in initially and we’ll definitely build from there.
    This could be a flight pvp that keeps me playing (War Thunder prob best atm but rather play WOT)

    Really enjoyed Rogue Squadron (although this is PvP based)


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