Star Wars: The Old Republic Reflects On Its 12th Anniversary And Teases What's To Come

SWTOR has lasted a lot longer than many other games.

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SWTOR Celebrates 12 Years

Today marks the 12th anniversary of Star Wars: The Old Republic. That's quite a long time, even for an MMORPG. We've seen plenty of others come and go during that time period, but SWTOR just keeps chugging along, even after BioWare unloaded the game and gave it over to Broadsword.

Today SWTOR released a producer's letter celebrating 12 years of service and looking back on the past year in particular. The 64-bit client was deployed, all servers were moved to the cloud, and updates 7.3 and 7.4 were released with new story content.

Looking toward the future is a tease that in update 7.4.1 we'll be heading back to somewhere we haven't been in a long time and, apparently, it has quite a view. The Star Wars: The Old Republic letter also mentions update 7.5 and that it should include the latest happenings of Lane Vizla. There is a livestream currently slated for February 14th that will dive deeper into 7.4.1 and tease a few things from 7.5.

There wasn't much meat on the bone of this blog, just more of a "hey, we made it 12 years" kind of thing, but the more we see other MMOs falter, the more we should celebrate the ones that make it. You can read the full blog yourself over on the Star Wars: The Old Republic site.

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