Last month, we told you that the first completely free game on Google Stadia was Destiny 2. Today, the second free game was announced, and it’s just a touch below Bungie’s title in terms of popularity and player count.

Super Bomberman R Online is now totally free-to-play on the Stadia, with no Pro subscription required. The 64-player battle royale launched in September, but, according to one review, lacked for players and was filled with bots who “act erratically, sometimes killing themselves with poorly placed bombs or running straight into danger.” Google and Konami clearly hope that the F2P move will boost player count and make matches more competitive.

The free game includes only the base set of bombers; additional characters, mostly based on various Konami characters, require the Stadia $9.99/month Premium upgrade. Those characters have special abilities, one of which the review called “fairly gamebreaking,” so that might nudge the game into pay-to-win territory. If you’re into Stadia, you can give the game a go for free and see just how much of a difference it makes.


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