Developer Vostok Games has released another update for its free to play MMO Survarium. The update introduces a variety of changes and updates, including a new ranking system called “Heroes of the Day” and a new renderer for those trying to run the game on low-end PCs. So, if your PC wasn’t up to snuff before… It might be now.

The Heroes of the Day ranking system allows people to compete for various titles by completing different tasks. Being nominated for any of these is automatic and happens when you log into the game for the day. Winners will be given a unique icon to display next to their name and — more importantly — XP, reputation, and silver bonuses for 24 hours.

For those of us running older rigs, the dev team has also implemented a new renderer that increases performance… However, this is at the expense of image quality. Sadly, there’s always a tradeoff to be made somewhere.

Also included in the update are new equipment and weapons, UI improvements, and more.

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  1. Im starting to think this game is just a front for a money laundering company. In the beginning they advertised this as a DayZ-like open world game, but for the early access they only released the team deathmatch mode and said everything else comes later. And now after i think 4 years of development we finally get patch 0.41 that adds nothing worth seeing and keeps the game somewhere between mediocre and below average.
    I cant imagine how they financed development for so long.

    • It is money laundering. I started playing this game for the first time in February 2015, my PC is slow and the game barely ran, yet I still enjoyed playing it wit 25 fucking FPS. I stopped at around May and I never came back to it, but now patch 0.40 was released and I could reduce the level of rendering and for the first time I could play the game with playable FPS, with 0.41 and the new rendering engine for low-end PCs, I installed it this morning and played two matches.

      Now that I can finally get a feel of what this game is about, I can safely say that this is one of the shittiest games ever. Enemies are extremely hard to see, the shooting mechanics are beyond horrible, there is mouse lag and with it and the horrible shooting mechanics, I can’t aim for shit. I’ve seen much more primitive games that play way, way better. The grinding required to gain something after level 10 is painful beyond measure.

      I think the developers are tripping with this one. They claim the game will have Free Mode, it will be a really advanced game, but it’s a complicated, broken piece of shit. And what’s up with the post-apocalyptic radiation setting? How many games already have that? It’s getting ridiculously stupid, and the Soviet setting of all maps (except London, which sucks, because it’s a huge map and only 10 people play on both sides, it’s a fucking mess) are really depressing.

      I advise everyone to stay away from this piece of crap and focus elsewhere. GITS First Assault is coming, you can get access for $5 or sign up to be chosen for free. Hell, even A.V.A which is a P2W cash shop garbage (nothing of it’s former glory from 6 years ago) is still more fun, because the mechanics are still perfect and there is some content coming every couple of months.

      Stay away from this piece of shit and never even think of playing it. Only some forsaken weirdos are still playing this.


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