BioWare had a lot to say and show about Onslaught, the next expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, including a bunch of screenshots from the planets of Onderon, Dxun, Mek-Sha and Corellia. The devs also showed off the newest character to be your best friend, the gritty Jedi Padawan Arn:

Apart from all the new images, there was some news to dish out. Notably, SWTOR is getting even better for free players, with previous expansions Shadow of Revan and Rise of the Hutt Cartel becoming free for everyone — no subscription required. Before it launched, I got the scoop on Shadow of Revan directly from the folks at BioWare, so read up on that if you’re looking forward to the soon-to-be free expansion.

Also, if you’re looking to level up some alts in anticipation of Onslaught’s arrival, you can do so with a double XP event, running from July 23 to Aug. 20. That will still give you a couple of weeks to take a break until Onslaught’s launch in September. Or, you know, you can level up another alt.


  1. Can you believe Daisy Ridley lol! Jimmy Fallon had her on The Late Night show last night. She did that Star Wars rap. It was just so perfect! Haha. I love that woman.

  2. They should never have shut Star Wars Galaxies down for this game…Fair enough swtor is actually a nice game for the story but it ends there. Also yes i know i can still play swg on private servers but the salt will never leave my system as swg was simply one of the best mmos ever created and would have been such a great game given more time an expansions.


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