Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s 13th season of ranked PvP is nearing its end. When February comes to a close, Bioware will drop game update 6.2.1, bringing the season to a close. This means one thing, players will receive their final ranks and rewards will be doled out.

To prepare players for their incoming rewards, and probably to encourage everyone to get more game time in while they can, BioWare revealed details on what players can expect to receive based on their ranks. Rewards are broken down between Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tier for both solo and group players, with each having requirements to meet. To make it on a tier at all, solo players will need at least a 1225 rating and 20 wins while groups will need a 1250 rating and 20 wins. Silver tier begins at 1300 and 40 wins for solo and 1400 and 40 wins for groups. Gold tier solo players will need a 1500 or higher rating and 80 wins, and groups 1600 and 80 wins. Platinum will be doled out to 96 players made up of the top 3 of each advanced class on the leader board — so long as they have 160 wins under their belt.

As for what players will receive for their efforts, the SWTOR team has come up with some new rewards, including the final batch of replica rewards from past seasons. The new, non-replica, item is the Airborne Invasion Armor Set. Everything else, including the mounts, are replica items. These items will look and function like the originals, but will be marked “Replica” so the original items keep some of their ‘cool’ factor. The Replica items are the Furious armor and weapons sets, the Furious (spider) Walker, and Flaming Makrin mounts and a collection of color crystals.

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