Sometimes, it’s really easy for your creations to get away from you — or… you know… become out-of-control death machines. Such is the case with Hongsil’s latest creation in Blade & Soul. Appropriately named “Princess Bloodlust”, this new creation has taken no time becoming an uncontrollable menace. And, of course it’s up to players (level 50+) to stop it before things get too out of hand.

As should be expected, you won’t be doing this for nothing. The event consists of a daily quest that will reward players with the Automaton Assault Chest filled with a selection of items including event tokens that can be used to purchase even more goodies from the Dragon Express. These include several lovely new outfits.

There are also other daily quests that will provide players with even more event tokens as well as login-rewards that are available to everyone no matter what their level. Some of these tokens can be used for special outfit transmutations.

The event kicks off on April 11th and will run until May 2nd. Full details on the event, including a list of possible rewards, can be found on the Blade & Soul site.

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