The Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.3 Preliminary Patch Notes Have Arrived

Now’s the time to see if you’re prepared.

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Final Fantasy 6-3 Patch Notes

Here we go. Today, Square Enix dropped the preliminary patch notes for Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.3 – arriving on Tuesday. Of course, a lot of this was covered recently in the last live letter, but there are a few things worth noting.

As we already knew 6.3 continues the game’s MSQ, taking players to Garlemald this time. That’s also where the new dungeon will be – and likely where we will encounter the new trial. There are nine new MSQ quests in total, although the only one we know anything about is the first one, “Once more unto the Void”. This quest does require you to have the quest “Buried Memory” completed, and be level 90. Then it’s a matter of visiting with Varshahn in Rad-at-Han to get things started.

While you’re in Radz-at-Han, you might as well also look for the new quest involving the little eyeball blob voidsents. Although it might be a bit later in the MSQ before you can find it, as the “Shadowed Pasts Once More” quest requires the completion of “Shadowed Pasts” and an unnamed MSQ quest.

The patch notes also detail information on how to pick up the next part of Tataru’s sidequests and how to continue with Island Sanctuary. It also lists three custom delivery quests which players apparently begin by having a chat with a sheep. This involves the Pixies, so we probably shouldn’t be too surprised.

XIV 6-3 Pixie

On the quality-of-life improvement front, the dev team has decided to make it easier for players to find the exact location for entry to deep dungeons, field operations, and the variants and criterions. Basically, if an objective is not part of the open map and has to be accessed via an “entrance” that entrance is now clearly identified on the map. Other QoL changes include the addition of information to journal entries for Crystalline Mean and Studium delivery quests and dividing sidequests into clear categories. Now it will be easier to find things like the Hildibrand quests, relic weapon questlines, and more.

Next up, housing! This is the patch in which new wards will be added. Let the bidding wars begin… again. Wards 25-30 are going up. Details on the housing breakdown can be found in this post. New items are also being added. Some are from the furnishing design contest and some are not. There’s also a new type of fish that can be added to tanks – the image makes it look like a stingray with coral on its back, and new morning glory seeds for flower pots – available at a material supplier near you.

Island Sanctuary has received a lot of love. Not only is there a new landmark and new items to be obtained, the devs have also made some serious changes to the menu system. It should be easier for players to track handicraft cycles, their popularity, demand, and everything else that allows them to accumulate cowries the smart way. They’ve also introduced settings to allow players to display specific gathering points.

XIV 6-3 GS

If you’re wondering about where to get that corgi they showed off during the stream… Well, it looks like you might be doing a lot of work for Khloe. The two new rewards available for Kloe’s certificates shown in the patch notes are both corgi-centric. So that’s probably a clue.

As for the rest of the patch notes. They cover a lot of what was already noted in the Live Letter. That said, there are some new gear images. No, they don’t say where they’re from, but we can probably guess the blue/white outfits are likely from the new alliance raid. There are also some new crafted gear items. For the full rundown, hit up the patch notes on the XIV site. Just maybe grab a drink and a snack first. There’s a lot to scroll through.

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