This Week At Bungie Previews Deepsight Modded Weapon Change, Grandmaster Nightfalls Return, And "Rock Out" Emote

The catch for the emote is that you need Amazon Prime subscription.

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Destiny 2 Weekly Blog 2

Following last week's "This Week At Bungie" blog series, this time around kicks off with a patch preview of a new way to acquire Deepsight modded weapons in Destiny 2, announced the return of Grandmaster Nightfalls next week, showed off a "Rock Out" emote with other goodies, and more.

From the top of the blog, Bungie offers a tiny sneak peek of what they have lined up, planning to "alleviate some of the pressure in acquiring Season of Plunder weapon patterns" in their next patch. The "Double Perk Weapon Spoils Crew Upgrade" will give players a Deepsight modded weapon the first time they focus on one each week. Additionally, the Deepsight modded weapon from the "Hidden Compartment Crew Upgrade" will refresh appropriately for the weekly reset, once an unknown issue but will be hotfixed in next week.

Destiny 2 Weekly Blog

Some of Destiny 2's challenging PvE content in Grandmaster Nightfalls will be returning next week, too. Players can finish up or start their Conqueror title and earn unique loot for the trouble. Moreover, Bungie teased the upcoming Adept weapons for this season, introducing "The Militia's Birthright" and "Mindbender's Ambition".

For those interested in Destiny 2's Prime Gaming updates, players can claim a Rock Out emote, exotic "Traitor Primus Shell" Ghost, "Dinas Emery" Sparrow, and legendary "DSV-Huygens IX" Ship if they have an active Amazon Prime subscription. You can locate information on how to link your account to gain the four unique rewards on the Bungie Help site.

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