This Year’s TennoCon Was Huge, They Even Announced Soulframe, A Whole New Game

Digital Extremes is developing an new action MMORPG.

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TennoCon 2022

Yesterday Digital Extremes held its annual TennoCon event, offering Warframe players a look at what’s to come in their favorite sci-fi game. During the digital event, the company offered players a look at Warframe’s upcoming open-world expansion ‘The Duviri Paradox’, as well as the ‘Veilbreaker’ update. The developers also offered players updates on Cross-Play development.

The Duviri Paradox expansion will change the game’s story-driven open-world systems in all new ways. When it launches this winter, it will add new content to the Cinematic Questline, as well as new upgrade systems and more.

The Veilbreaker update, which will arrive sooner than The Duviri Paradox, will see the return of Kahl-175. Players will be able to take control of the character and unite with other Tenno in order to rescue his Grineer brothers from the Narmer.

Digital Extremes also revealed the game’s 50th playable Warframe, Syntax. This new Warframe is inspired by Greek champions and ancient warriors. This was more or less a teaser, with an animated short and an invitation to catch the world premiere on an upcoming Dev Stream.

Finally, the developer announced an all-new game during the event. This isn’t one of those announcements about a mobile tie-in or anything like that. Instead, the company announced a new free-to-play, “action hybrid-MMORPG” with themes of “romanticism and fantasy” titled Soulframe. The developers promise players will receive the same transparency in the development of Soulframe that they’ve seen in that of Warframe. More information on the game is promised at this year’s The Game Awards.

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