It looks like Titanfall Online won’t be respawning after all. Kotaku is reporting, via Korean site Game Focus, that the EA/Nexon collaboration will not see a full release, following lackluster response to testing in Korea.

It’s been nearly a year since we first heard of the venture, which spent three years in development. Of course, this being 2018 and all, there’s a way that the companies could still salvage some of those development costs into a workable product, as commenter OldManLight suggested:

“i have an idea on how to salvage this, 100 titans fall onto an island, there’s a circle that gets smaller, last one standing wins.”


  1. Not Battle Royale..British Bulldog will save the day..
    edited from wiki.
    Titans vs a BULLDOG??!!
    Each game of bulldogs consists of a sequence of rounds, and it is usual to play a number of games one after another with different bulldogs each time. The game is initiated with a single player (or sometimes two or more players) as the “bulldog” or “catcher” between the home areas and the other players together in one of the home areas. The objective for the non-bulldog players The Titans! is to run from one home area to the other whilst avoiding the bulldog(s) in the middle.[3][4]

    In the later stages of the game the bulldogs will outnumber the remaining non-bulldog players, which can make captures especially rough as many bulldogs attempt to capture individual Titan players.
    All royalties send to save the ocean from plastic. 🙂
    Get developing..Again.


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