Next week on April 14th, Blade & Soul will be kicking off their Mischief Maker event, so if you like cats you may want to get ready now. Summoners will get their third specialization, Way of Fantasy, adding new familiar abilities that focus on charging and stacking Cattery, Sparkle, and Starpoints. You can also dodge lasers and rescue children by “playing” with Yippi and Skippi to earn some Candycloud Taffy to net yourself some Wheel of Fate prizes. Today’s stream from the team goes over all the particulars and shows off some of the new abilities and you can read the blog post here.

Multiple freebie codes were given out on the livestream, too. We’ll give you one here but you have to check out the video for any others. To redeem the code, log into your account management and enter code SHINYSTONE2021 to receive a free Sparkling Ascension Stone Chest. This is limited to 1 per account though, so choose wisely.

What many B&S fans are really interested in though is the status of the Unreal Engine 4 update. On that front, the UE4 update site for the “Revival” patch has been updated with a few new tidbits. First, the team is still on track for a Q3 2021 release of the new engine. In addition though, the update will also bring the long awaited second part of the Act XI main storyline. Along with improvements to performance and visuals, B&S is looking to make a few changes to classes and how they work in-game when it comes to the ability to change classes or pass class specific equipment around. A new user interface is also on the horizon.

That said, there are still many “orbs” on the Revival site that aren’t active yet so more announcements are in store for us soon!

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