Top-Tier Soviet Tanks Get Some Love In World Of Tanks Update 1.0.2


The newest update for World of Tanks, which carries the simple title of “Update 1.0.2,” makes up for a couple of vacancies in the top of the Soviet tank line by adding a pair of Tier X vehicles to the mix. It also makes changes to maps, the new user experience, and customization for mid-tier tanks.

The K-91 and Object 277 are a pair of heavy hitters at Tier X, replacing a pair of tanks that were “demoted” to Tier IX earlier in the year. The K-91 is accurate and has a small silhouette, but deals little damage and is underarmored for its tier. Object 277 does better damage but has a number of vulnerable spots that experienced foes can exploit. Meanwhile, the Tier X tank destroyer, Object 268 v4, has received some adjustments and the Object 430 II “has seen some changes to make it a more natural progression from its Tier VIII counterpart, the Object 416.”

For you non-Soviet tankers out there, there’s more to enjoy in this update. Four maps — Fjords, Erlenberg, Malinovka, and Mountain Pass — saw changes in 1.0.2, and there’s advanced training and in-game guides to help players of all skill levels improve their performance. Almost as important as playing well is looking good, and you can now view how customization options will look on Tier VI, VIII, and X vehicles with the help of a lighting-neutral garage.

Learn more about Update 1.0.2 on the World of Tanks site.


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