LOTRO Osgiliath

After not doing proper dungeons for some time, Turbine has decided to go back to its roots and serve up some new instanced content for Update 16 for The Lord of the Rings Online.

As detailed in a new developer diary, the Osgiliath instance cluster will be an “old school” trio of two three-man and one six-man instance, available in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 2 challenge modes. Scalable from levels 50 to 100, the Sunken Labyrinth, the Ruined City, and the Dome of Stars will also weave in a good bit of story, as players seek out Faramir’s whereabouts while also encountering “some old faces” from LOTRO’s past.

Rewards for the instances include the usual assortment of armor and weapons, as well as “picker boxes” of set-bonus equipment in the T2 chests and Morgul Crests in challenge modes that can be traded for gear with five essence slots, which players may find useful “for the next good challenge coming up the road.” Dat gear grind.

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  1. Before I respond to AriesWar, I just want to say that from what I’ve read about what’s planned, Turbine is heading in the right direction by opening the doors of the Ettenmoors.

    If they upgrade the graphics they might as well just make a new game. Even with new graphics it won’t do much. All instances, towns, and encounters give the feeling of “Living inside a Picture”. There is very little movement at all times. I would like to see much more fluid activity from NPCs. Hobbit youths scuttling around, possibly making a hobbit-ladders where the littlest mischievously climbs atop a fixture and taunts. Anything other than just standing there flailing extremities would be great.

    Another huge problem I’ve had is the lack of voice-overs. I mean, with this large of a player base I’m sure there are lots of satisfactory and willing voices out there willing to offer donate their services to give this game a complete voice-over. The story is what a lot of players started playing for. Adding captivating voice-overs into the mix, similar to those of the epic quest’s loading screen voice-overs would add to cut-scene immersion tremendously.

    I’m hoping LotRO will still be here in 2018 but I have no time for Sapience. Patience will be missed.

  2. And what about the game engine? will they ever understand that the old look is not retro its just butt uggly? Seriously the game it self has a nice thing going but since its so uggly to look at and play no one bothers.. why do developers miss this step??

    Same thing has been done before when it comes to updating engine to let playes come back i can bring up a few, one of the oldest of games called dark age of camelot did this and also brought players back. sadly because of other misshaps the game turned into a failure and the money to remake the game or polish the engine never came… but shurely Turbine with all its might they care to brag about should be able to do this??

    Im sure that if they would take time and update the game vissually more players will play it again, to tell you the truth the game is infact a very good one..

    I have tryed countless times to tell people to try the game but they all come back with the same feedback its blurry and just uggly,

    Lotro desirves better hell tolkien deserves better and the best we can come to a salutations to its name today is in shadows of mordor… im not saying the game could become that good looking but just half as good would be good enough..

    Its sad.. im glad to hear they still develop it.. but most of these old mmo’s forgot the simple thing of maintaining the beuty of the game, dont forget visualls.. never forget what amazes along with the content we need eye candy.


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