TWID: Destiny 2's Fireteam Finder Beta Expanded And A Retrospective On 2023 Player Achievements

That's a lot of attempts and not so many clears, Guardians...

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Destiny 2 Find Your Fireteam

(This Week In Destiny – 12/14/2023)

In the recent update from the Destiny 2 team, the developers reminded folks that the Dawning event is currently live in celebration of the holiday season.

Besides that though, the shooter's Fireteam Finder Beta has expanded to include all activities — allowing Guardians to find companions more easily for various in-game challenges. The team shared statistics, highlighting the top activities for Fireteam Finder, including dungeons at 43.3%, raids at 26.5%, and free roam at 21.1%. The completion rates for specific Lost Sectors were also provided, showing the feature had a positive impact.

Also, the Destiny community successfully contributed to raising $3.2 million for various charitable causes. The funds have been used for relief efforts, Make-A-Wish wishes, and supporting partner organizations in the Little Lights program.

Additionally, the update included a retrospective on the achievements of 2023. "The Craftening'' saw 2.8 million weapons crafted, with the Ammit AR2 accounting for 559,000 of them. In Crota's End, players made 16.4 million attempts, resulting in 6.2 million successful clears by 690,000 players. The Root of Nightmares event witnessed 28.7 million attempts and 14.8 million clears by 1.2 million Guardians. Warlord's Ruin saw 4.9 million attempts and 2 million clears by 528,000 Guardians, while Ghosts of the Deep recorded 19.8 million attempts and 8.4 million clears by 1.1 million players.

Looking ahead to 2024, Bungie announced Game2Give — celebrating the campaign's fifth anniversary from January 18 to February 4, 2024. There’s a Prime Gaming drop too, available until January 3; items include a Dawning Emote, Ghost, Ship, and Legendary Ghost Projection.

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