Today’s Guild Wars 2 update adds something old and something new to the game. On the new side, the Legendary Armory is now live. As we detailed last week, you’ll be able to keep your legendary items in a storage area so you can equip them on every level 80 character on your account without the hassle of messy inventory swaps. That naturally makes this inventory-conscious player (who owns four legendaries) a happy Tyrian.

Returning with today’s patch is an old favorite boss fight, the Twisted Marionette. Originally added (and then removed) from the game seven years ago, the Marionette is accessible via the Scrying Pool in the Eye of the North and requires a squad of up to 50 players. There’s also a public version of the battle available every two hours, also accessible from the Eye of the North, which is now accessible by any level 80 character and doesn’t require the Path of Fire expansion.

The Marionette’s original achievement category, The Origins of Madness, also returns, letting players nab those old achievements for taking down the malicious puppet. It arrives alongside a new achievement category, Revenge of the Marionette. Both of these sets will be found under the Bonus Events category for the first week of the Marionette’s return, and shifted to the Side Stories category after that. One-time bonus achievements, Wrath of the Twisted Marionette, are also available for the first week.

Learn more about today’s update in the patch notes on the Guild Wars 2 forums.

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