We haven’t heard too much in terms of solid details about Roller Champions since Ubisoft first showed off the game at last year’s E3 and then gave us a roadmap at this year’s virtual event. Today, we got the game’s first blueprint article, which gives us a look into the art and lore of the game, which takes place in a “neo retro universe.”

From concept art to their final versions, the characters in the game follow a graffiti-esque style, while still leaving room for player customization. Specifically, those options fall into three primary categories: sport, meant to emulate real-world sports like roller derby and hockey; radical, which are cool and contemporary; and fantasy, which are “over-the-top items inspired by sci-fi and fantasy universes.”

Just like in modern sports, you can also display a sponsor’s logo on your gear. These corporations won’t just serve as decorations on players and in the arena; they’ll “be at the center of the quest system in Roller Champions.” That sounds like a system where you’ll choose who to rep and get extra winnings if you do well and do the brand proud, but does that mean they can also drop you if you wind up on the wrong side of the law? No, it’s probably not that realistic.

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