The DC Comics based MOBA, Infinite Crisis, adds another Champion this month. Courtney Whitmore stumbled across the gear of “The Star-Spangled Kid” (now her stepfather) and decided life would be a bit more interesting if she took on the life of a superhero.

With her stepfather’s aid, Stargirl was born.

Now it’s up to you to cosmically slash your way through the myriad of other foes in the DC Universe.

Take a look at the move set you’ll be working with:

  • COSMIC BLAST (Q) – Stargirl charges her cosmic staff, then unleashes a line of cosmic energy, dealing Power Damage to all enemies struck.

  • SHOOTING STARS (W) – Stargirl fires a slow Shooting Star at her target, marking them. Then she automatically fires 4 fast Shooting Stars, one every Xs, towards the marked target if visible. They deal Power Damage to the first enemy struck.

  • GRAVITY WELL (E) – Stargirl tosses a gravity well onto the ground for Xs. Enemies in the area lose X Move Speed and take X additional damage from all of Stargirl’s skills.

  • ENERGY CONVERSION (R) – Stargirl resets the cooldown of Family Heirlooms and channels at an enemy Champion. She can move while channeling, but the skill will end if she goes too far. The target is Crippled (cannot use movement skills) and is dealt Power Damage over time. Stargirl converts some of the damage (before armor) into a Shield, that lasts for Xs after the channel ends.

  • FAMILY HEIRLOOMS (PASSIVE) – Cosmic Blast deals additional Power Damage equal to Current Health (+15% per 100 Power Damage) over X secs. If Stargirl takes no damage for X secs, she gains X Move Speed until she takes damage.

  • One question I want to know though is why Turbine decided to go with Stargirl’s pre-52 costume? Maybe I’m alone on that question though!

    Stargirl becomes available to players on October 15th, 2014.

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