UK Regulates Free-to-Play, And It's a Little Scary 2

It seems like not everyone is pleased with Team Fortress 2’s big update from last week. In particular, Casual Mode, the 12v12 mode formed via matchmaking has cheesed off several of TF2’s non-competitive players, bringing with it a host of new restrictions and other undesirable elements.

As Valve itself admits in a blog post, Casual Mode has “had a rough launch.” In response to player concerns, a number of changes are in the works, namely:

  • A bug fix for long queue times.
  • Removal of a 10-minute timeout penalty for abandoning matches.
  • More matchmaking variables, such as map selection.
  • Valve also apologized for not spelling out the non-functionality of Casual Mode levels; they are simply a means of tracking how much you’ve played and have no impact on matchmaking and do not represent skill levels.

    As for the success of the update in general, it’s been minimal. Steamspy’s peak concurrent user count for TF2 nudged up a little over the weekend, from about 66,000 to 72,000. Maybe some of the promised changes can bring back some of the people who might have abandoned TF2 for the new shininess that is Overwatch.

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    1. They already having players compete about whether heavy or pyro gets some new stuff made for em. They made it into an actual competition.. not bad valve…

      • lol, doubt we’ll get new classes anytime soon, though we may get weapons that change the way a class can be played the way we did Demoman to Demoknight…

        But still… I -do- miss the Guard Dog joke.

      • Overwatch is like a demo compared to the content of TF2! only Boringwatch is hyped by “i play new cool game till something better gets out kids” TF2 is older better more fun…. yeah has ups has down but my good TF2~! IS THE BEST F2P SHOOTER! <–free! and owerwatch… pfff not even as good 40$/60$ compare it…. and TF2 Wins not just because it free but because its a actual better game!

        • game? TF2 is game? no levels, no progression, 2 player from 20 is focusing objective, others are dancing and taunting twerking… stupid kids with 500 hat on head, how it’s can be GAME? Wardrobe Simulator 2

        • I’m guessing you haven’t played Overwatch? You put a large emphasis on TF2 being free – are you just salty because Overwatch isn’t?

          I’ve tried to get into TF2 a few times over the years, yet each time i have found myself utterly frustrated and worse yet… bored – I get there’s a steep learning curve but there’s nothing which actually makes me want to get good, because it just seems so damn dull.

          Overwatch has managed to be a game where it feels worth putting effort in to getting better – sure it has its issues, some of the class balance feels off and games can get frustrating but Blizzard address issues – even in terms of game pacing.
          It’s a breath of fresh air and in honestly – a completely different game to TF2 – wanting TF2 to be more like it is daft – both have a place, albeit TF2 is having to share its market 🙂

        • wrong wrong and wrong, it’s not because is a new game or a pretty game, which it is, it’s because blizzard did some serious research about what matters the most to fps gamers and they actually did a very fine job, i played a lot of TF2 but started to fill with only scrubs and 12 years little kids+no no skins no lv prog, only fugly hats and you had to buy the boxes to get the same weapons


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