Valve Launches Update To Fix Issues Highlighted By The “Save TF2” Campaign

The update takes aim at bots of all kinds.

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By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Team Fortress 2 Bot Update

Fans of Valve’s Team Fortress 2 are getting the kind of love they’ve been asking for as Valve responds to the “Save TF2” campaign with a patch intended to address many of the issues presented by it. Primarily, the issue revolves around the various bots that have been plaguing the game over the last few years. Between aim bots, bots used to spam media and other things, and even ones that can kick human players in the lobby, the game had become mostly unplayable.

In May, the TF2 team informed players that they’re at work trying to improve things, now that they understand on how big the problem is. They haven’t tweeted since.

Instead, they dropped an update yesterday, which – according to comments in a now-deleted Reddit post – includes things like double vote kicking, and removing the ability to change names during a match so that bots can no longer steal players' names.

A lot of the discussion also revolves around what Valve might be doing in the background – things that the developers probably don’t want everyone knowing about because it would allow people to create workarounds and make the problem worse again, so the good news is, that at least for now, the game should be more playable and enjoyable.

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