Last week’s fallout from the firings of two ArenaNet writers will undoubtedly linger for some time, not only with ArenaNet but throughout the gaming industry. In response, the International Game Developers Association has produced a series of questions and guidelines that it suggests companies address in the immediate future related to interactions between employees and customers on social media.

The guidelines cover some of the most basic topics — like questioning whether staff should be allowed to identify themselves as employees on social media and whether they should talk about work on those accounts at all — to procedures regarding what steps to take if harassment occurs, like as a “911” contact in case of an emergency, such as a death threat. While many of the concerns might seem banal to most people, they’re the sort of things that arguably should be covered in HR documentation, not only to protect employees but to protect employers in the case of legal action taken by employees who are disciplined or fired following an incident.

MassivelyOP has reported that they did contact ArenaNet to find out if any such guidelines are at place at the company, but received the reply that “the company has told us it cannot comment on its internal policies and guidance for employees.”

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  1. Here’s a guideline that they don’t mention, don’t bully or insult someone for making a suggestion or critique. That’s why she was fired she repeatedly acted with hostility to the consumer base and broke arena nets communication guidelines multiple times.


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