GamersFirst announced that War Rock a popular first-person shooter MMO has engaged in a major in-game visual reconstruction just in time for summer. Mass annihilation never looked better as the fan-favored first-person shooter ignites with new high resolution texturing to landscapes, vehicles and weapons. In conjunction with the reconstructive makeover, GamersFirst embraces summer by challenging players in a true test of skill in the game’s biggest player versus player (PvP) event of the year, the 7th Annual War Rock Olympics, kicking off July 5. War Rock enlistees will face each other on the battlefield in a week-long competition testing skill, cunning and tactical planning, concluding in the traditional bikini and water balloon event and War Rock marketplace sale of epic proportions.

The texture patch will be the largest update in War Rock’s eight year history with GamersFirst. With more than three times the texture count, everything about War Rock has received a visual upgrade. From player maps, building, vehicles to War Rock’s signature high powered weapons including the AUG, G36 Miniguns and RPG-7, not a stone has been left untouched, bringing a whole new visual perspective to the seminal first-person shooter MMO.

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  1. yay, now a lot of the hackers will remain in this game for a longer period of time while I play other, better games.

  2. and …… WTF I was playing it normal before 2 years then they made a update and whe n I was updating virus or something like error came and I stop playing it . battlefield bad company 2 is better but 3 came even better.

  3. This game is still FULL of Hackers, nearly 40% of the gamers use hacks. I loved to play this game over years and always hoped they gonna finally fix it. Nowaday im totally sure they earn same much money on hacks like on the shop, otherwhise they´d have changed something!

  4. Omg Gamersfirst are idiots …. For what i need better graphic when game inplayble coz of hackers !

    Already not first game they have problems with hackers … even look on APB same problem many hackers and no solution .

  5. Am I the only one who thinks it looks pretty awesome? In games like Cross fire, they don’t even have a free woman char. And I definitely want char my with boobies. :3

  6. Now the hackers will look even nicer. Thank you gamersfirst for proving how much the developers of this game lick dog scrotum

  7. hmmm…insteed of changing the grphics they should be more active about a better anti-hack system andmaybe get better server that fixes the lags…
    Some time ago the playerbase was realy big but now there is only a low-middel playerbase left…

    • You’re totally right… So this patch is LAME. They upgraded the graphics a little bit but as you said, TONS of hackers are still playing the game…
      So DONT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME unless you hack.

  8. its so unrealistic that it starts to get funny
    naked women on the battlefield TROLOLOOL

    Why not half naked guys?
    c’mon girls who like to play fps want some eyecandy too ;(

  9. Having fun looking for topics to say “I’m first”?
    This sounds nice, I was really annoyed about the gameplay of War Rock, since there were lots of hackers when I played and that wasn’t nice at all, but the new graphic change makes me want to try the “new” game.


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