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About the game:
Title: War Rock
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Dream Execution
Publisher: GamersFirst

War Rock is a frantic and free MMO military tactical first person shooter (FPS) featuring state of the art weapons, team or solo based gameplay and exciting missions set in detailed maps. War Rock is intense and offers players a great arsenal of customizable weapons and vehicles while placing you in the most extreme battlefields.

War Rock features 3 game modes: Close Quarters Combat, Urban Ops and Battlegroup. In Close Quarters Combat, the teams have to arm or disarm explosives at requested points in the map, or simply eliminate the enemy team. In Urban Ops, opposing teams search for enemy forces in different buildings. Battlegroup places players in extensive landscapes where heavily armored vehicles are the weapons of choice to take control of the map, fighting by land, sea and air. Choose from 5 character classes: Scouts, Medics, Military Engineers, Assault, or Heavy Weapons Experts.

Test your skills in the different game modes and challenge yourself. War Rock was designed to appeal to all kinds of players, with all game play styles and experience.

Explosive Features:

  • Large Playerbase.
  • Vehicles.
  • Five Classes.

Featured Video

System Requirements

War Rock Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: P3 800 MHz
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of free disk space
Video Card: Radeon 8500LE/Geforce MX400

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  1. Yes you are better off to be a premium player but this is true of all freeplay games. Papaya did a good gesture of picking up Warrock they did improve its anti-cheat and has game improvements. I have been on since 2007 and seen many many changes. But overall it is better and I never paid to play in over 10 years and still keep playing

  2. This game is good but it is filled with cheater and you have to pay a lot of money to be on the same level with the other player in this game. (Not Recommended to play this game)
    Stay away from your own safety. Please!

  3. Finally new company bought game and its better than ever. Daily sign in bonus and best antihack. Also now you can practice on every map alone and they have zombie maps. Thank you finally

  4. im new tested, and hackers not going way, and pay to win system, this is nexon xd

    this game its realy trash, and not funny, i dont know why people playing on this time

  5. I remember playing this game a few years ago. Key features of the game at that time: overly expensive rental weapons, low payout after matches, completely useless starting rifle, and the fact that the starting rocket launcher took at least 2 or 3 shots to kill someone. -2/10 would uninstall again

  6. I’ve been playing warrock since 2007 with some long breaks in between because i got bored but it always comes back to me. it may be in 3 months it may be in 6 months or a year but i will start enjoying the game eventually again and thats because its a great game. YES in the past there were a lot of hackers but that reduced dramatically. Yes people tend to call hackers the low lvls and i know that because my account was stolen a couple of times. yet i dont quit playing cause i love it. Unfortunately i moved in Canada now and i cant play the game. not without a lot of lag but i absolutely fa…..ing recommend it. go for it guys you will love it. Airplanes,choppers zombies tanks bikes cars everything is in there and its for free. the standard weapons are not bad at all. even those who pay to get a famas(best weapon) as a second weapon will have an m4a1 most likely. DL and go nuts with it. GOD I MISS THAT GAME

  7. i played this game from cb for 5 years was brilliant for few month and than the hackers stared pouring in such a shame one of the best f2p fps iv ever player

  8. Was my favorite game for almost three years, reached lvl 40 and then my account was banned for no reason at all. (had permanent weapons with real money)… such a shame. And one more thing, when i made new lvl 1 account and didn´t su*k at gameplay, I was accused for being a hacker… then I just gave up and uninstalled.

  9. This is a great fps/p2w game, While you can tech be competitive being F2P, certin weapons you can never get (aka Only sniper rifle that can shoot inside shit), thus why I call it P2W.

    Gameplay, Simply amazeing, which leads to alot of people calling other hackers when they get sniped. Im a sniper at heart and this is one of the few games that allow u to snipe across the map, Under normal setting the other guy wont even be able to counter snipe you. Also this combat game incorps 3 different stances, normal crouch and prone.

    Pros: 3 differnt stances, Massive Maps, Realistic Bullet drops, Low Pc specs, Very competitive.

    Cons. Old game(which explains the hackers), Hackers, P2W, High learning curve.

  10. It doesnt really matter the graphics my friends if you must know,but how could you you learned only to play game with graphics….Its very good at my oppinion why?Because the give to the players a new experience,And this game is for free beside you download it,The make it look pretty much like cod and battlefield the mix both of those games,and it looks damn good,im gonna download it i saw some clips,and instead of screaming about those hackers,why dont we try to become better then them and stop people shuting down the servers.

  11. Downloaded this and it was terrible. Most lobbies that I joined you would get kicked out of, even though it was set at all levels. First match I played there was one guy getting headshots all the time and there was some muppet posting up a link to a hack site. It’s not just the people advertising hacks, the game is clunky and has a horrible feel to it.

  12. I tried this game only once, but got kicked from every room after 20 seconds…. without any chance to kill some one or be killed by any one… tried to join in to 4 rooms, got kicked the same way… uninstalled… thx for that really nice wellcoming by the community.. ridicules 😀 never seen such bad game.

  13. im just downloading this game would anyone care to give me a fully written review of ow the game is? its just these comments aint showin up for some reason

  14. Recently I found how the support team at nexon eu is a bunch f***tards. I sent them a ticket because the game crashing to me everytime. Lately I got a response from them if I’m running an anti-virus or someyhing else in the background but I couldn’t reply. why? because the idiot who replied to to my ticket had the audacity to lock the ticket, preventing me from replying. This gave me the impression that those f**ktards at nexon eu don’t give a f**k about this game and its community any more.
    I don’t know about hackers in warrock (I can’t tell becasue it crashes all the time), but as @oldschool said, warrock is way past its prime.

  15. I played warrock before they switched the game model almost completely. It was way more fun then, for a few reasons. At that point it was just starting get big, and addons to the game were a monthly occurrence, which made it exciting. Even the admins would play with us, and were extremely friendly. I’m sorry to say that this game is way past its prime, and I’d look somewhere else to start playing a new fps game.

      • I played this game when it was first coming out. Fell in love with it back then. Loved the snipping have not found a fps I liked as much sense. But I am sure it has gotten a little out dated sense then.

  16. really all the people saying theres hackers in each match there isnt, most of the time people will assume someone is hacking based on what they see from there angle which is diffrent from others based on there ping level you might see someone run in shooting at you while on theres they run in and look around then shoot. and gamers first didnt do much about the hackers but now nexon does ban most the hackers. yes there still is a few that just say there good becuz there high lvls but if u report or post vid there will most likely be banned and the guy who said to be good you have to buy weapons each month is wrong nexon does so many events u dont need to buy weapons they give u good ones, also the starter guns are pretty much 2nd class weapons out of 5 only be matched by over powerd weapons suck as famas mp7 aw 50 but you cant say the game sucks when most of u played 5 matchs and quit all new ppl suck at warrock you have to play a bit to be able to kill becuz its much faster then most fps and more realistic at times, also each weapon can be used diffrently you cant expect one weapon to do it all as in same games.

      • You’re maybe right (I don’t know, I didn’t play this game for a long time so I can’t tell what’s the status of the game). but with one thing I agree with you, and it’s the fact war rock is great (inspite the hacker, they can be in every game). But the hackers became quite a big issue (back when I played it), so much so, I was accused of been a hacker even so I wasn’t or worse, several times I got kicked the momnet I entered the room.
        buttom line, several months ago war rock was infested with hackers, to the point you could expect someone will scream “HACKER!!!!!!”. Now, It’s hard fpr me to tell.

  17. What the game is bad?
    Everyone is a cheater?
    All the servers are vac secured if you want to play on no vac secured server and don’t want hackers just report them if they have name changer which changes their name all the time so you cant report hem i mean you can but you cant capture his name just look at his profile steam has a username that cant change just report hes steam username and he will get banned you will help steam and get rewards for reporting an hacker…..Byee….

  18. I used to play this game practically daily. Yes, there are hacker from time to time. Are they in every game? Hell no. You don’t have to pay to be a good player or have good guns, despite what other people may say. Yes, some of the guns ,(PSG-1), that are overpowered that people deem as a “good gun.” But that fact of the matter is a good player can use a lot of the weapons with ease. I was a pro m24 sniper. The Starting sniper would out gun 95% of all others. And with the tank issue, They are a little over powered. But being tactical and sneaky makes that issue irrelevant. And with hackers, a good chunk of them, if you are a damn good shot like i was, you can kill them. You have to appreciate the things that are good in this game like the variety of weapons, the vehicles (a lot of games don’t have any at all) and my favorite, Bullet Drop and Bullet Velocity! This game is not as bad as people say.

  19. Actually this game is no longer filled with Hackers and people are actually staying Loyal too it. Ever since it was transferred to nexon europe Everyone in the world can still play just different company running it and in my opinion they are doing a great job

  20. Im not a hacker..so I guess this game is not for me. Maybe the techies running this game need to realize their product is being compromised and start some for of accountability.

  21. This game was my favourite fps, the gameplay is just fantastic.
    pros: the freedom of the player, one thing that i loved was the roll. The maps, some of them are just fantastic and the modes of game-play, you can do like team vs team cs style or you can just have fun in the other playing for the score without team attached in big maps with vehicles and big maps with no vehicles.

    cons: many hackers. premiums accounts too much op, a lot of required playing if u want to buy weapons without real money.

  22. To everyone reading. Let me set the record Straight. Do not complain about hackers when you have any of these.

    Ping higher then 100
    Multiple programs running.
    Are new to the game
    Get bested by some player
    Do not know the maps
    Are AFKing
    Type when you should play

    If you do these and wonder why you get low scores… Well. hopefully most here are not those annoying Dota type fangeeks. They get ticked off when their gun wont reload how they want it. Immature whiners. >D Trololo

  23. This could be a good game, but the idiots who run it don’t do a thing about the hackers and cheats…I think they encourage them. If you complain you get banned! Don’t bother submitting a screen cap…nobody gives a shit.

    Real bunch of assholes who run the game.

  24. i played warrock longer than 1 year and i play it almost day and night this game is awesome i dont know why everybody is complain about the overpowered tanks but than you dont need to play the big maps…

    this game is just fine to play the only thing that is bad you have to buy every month new weapons

  25. the official website is gamersfirst.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tried and no VIRUZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAR ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Not only is the game full of hackers and cheats, if you complain to the moderators…YOU get banned. Its run by a bunch of give-a-shit people. REALLY SUCKS

  27. This game is pretty bad. No loyal players. Everybody is a hacker. The gameplay is really bad. Tanks and such are way overpowered.

    • BOO-EFFING-HOO!!! I play this game and the reason there is no loyal players. Is because no one
      (Like you all posting here) give a rats ass to do anything. (Oh boohoo I got told off so I will come here to cry on this page. Grow a pair and do something. Rather pathetic if you ask me. If it is hacked then post up video evidence. Everyone just assumes. Moderators will ban when someone like most here, spam the forums with the same message. Just post in the right forum and topic and have video proof. I caughgt one hacker with video evidence and didnt get banned. So sad.

      • First you bitch at him for not just trying to report the hacker and then you say that even with video evidence they didn’t get banned anyway? FAIL.

        Anyway, war rock deserves every ounce of bitching, spam or otherwise, that it gets. about a month ago i played 5 matches of war rock. you want to know how many had hackers? ALL OF THEM. if people took video evidence of the hackers in war rock, every public match would be on video.

    • This game use to be a gem back when it first came out in beta and hackers did not swarm it until a few years after, Same thing happened with combat arms. I miss playing warrock it was one of the first mmofps games i really got into and i met one of my best friends on that game. So please all i ask is that you remember it for what is was and not for what it is.


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