Last month’s New Power update for War Thunder provided a lot of sweet eye candy for pilots looking at the world from above but not as much for ground forces. Late last week, Gaijin entertainment pumped out yet another update, this one making tanks and the worlds they inhabit that much better and brighter.

The title of the update, Hot Tracks, refers to the new enhancements to the Dagor Engine meant to make tank tracks look even cooler. Damaged tracks will break off on the spot where they were hit, “according to the cruel laws of classical mechanics.” Tracked vehicles turning sharply on asphalt can expect to kick up a shower of sparks, and they’ll sway more realistically when quickly braking. Landscapes are also improved, with small objects like pebbles and even individual mushrooms being rendered by your GPU.

If you’re looking for a new ride, this update’s also got you covered. Nine new ground vehicles and seven new naval vessels, have been added, while above the ground, you’ll find a new tech tree populated by three Italian helicopters, as well as a pair of jets. More information about the update can be found here.

Also underway is the Operation W.I.N.T.E.R. marathon that has a variety of tasks for players to complete. Doing so will help you expand your garage, offering the French EBR-75 armored recon vehicle, South African Class 3 (P) wheeled armored vehicle, Soviet Mig-21 PFM jet, Italian Ro-57 fighter, Baltimore-class cruiser, and Japanese Type K8 “sub chaser” as prizes. Learn more about this event, which runs until Jan. 11, on the War Thunder site.

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