If you’ve been waiting for your chance to play with ships in War Thunder, your time has finally arrived! The closed beta is over, and the open beta has begun, so anyone can try out Naval Battles in War Thunder in the new Update 1.83: Masters of the Sea.

You can read about the update on the website if you want, for such gems as “over German, Soviet and American vessels join the game” and “Increased detalization,” but for English speakers, you’re probably better off going with the voiceover on the video. Naval Forces are now available for all players for three nations, with British ships added to a new closed beta. As you’ll recall, unlike World of Warships, which focuses on larger ships such as battleships and aircraft carriers, War Thunder’s Naval Battles go the smaller route, with destroyers and light cruisers at the top end of the chain and tiny gunboats at the bottom.

Update 1.83 also takes aim at new air vehicles, including the first German helicopters, and there are also about a dozen new tanks and airplanes. Finally, Xbox One players can now get into War Thunder without an Early Release pack and can play the game for free — provided they have an Xbox Live Gold account, of course.

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  1. I had been somewhat looking forward to this, tho still bummed there are no big(ger) ships (yet).
    This is one of the reasons i quit (the naval battles) after a couple of battles. I have neither the nerves nor the patience to play hundreds of battles with stupid gunboats i couldn’t care less about, just until i can get to a DD or CL.
    So i will be giving the navy another go if/when DDs become tier 1 (or at most 2).

    • You can get to DD-like gameplay at tier 1 with Soviet armored boats. Yes, it’s not the same thing, but you won’t have to contend with naval version of AA SPGs if you don’t want to.

        • I should probably warn you that their starting boat is rather difficult to use. It has the smallest crew in game and only one HMG with terrible firing arc (can’t shoot forward). It’s also incredibly fast and nimble, but that’s not the easiest thing to take advantage of.


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