E3 2012: Gameplay Video – Crytek reveals some gameplay footage for Warface. The Crytek’s first AAA free to play 3D multiplayer online FPS, developed on CryENGINE 3.


  1. It’s already out in Russia (and almost out in China). And you know what? The only two good things I can say about this game is that it has decent PvE and good graphics (for a f2p… err… I mean for a p2w game). Everything else is plain terrible.

    Balance is off. Gameplay is choppy, repetitive and boring. Unlocks are very slow and if that wasn’t enough, they are completely random. Well, you can choose 1 of 3 suppliers: weapons, modifications and armor, but the game picks randomly what weapon/mod/armor you’ll be unlocking.

    P.S. It probably isn’t obvious, but this video shows one of the PvE missions (or maybe several of them compiled together).

    • So that’s why the enemies seem so handicapped, can’t shoot a guy 2 meters in front with only a pistol. The balance does seem off; 20 shots f****g shots and you’re still alive. Combat Arms M16 all over again….

      • I playd this game everything is alright if u have a some fps skills im not a p2w player and im almost all the time first in last man standing mode

  2. Sweet =) Can’t wait for this. Neat thing about it is that u can mod weapons as you go. I really liked that lol

  3. 2 forever alone guys up ^^
    Now this game will surely be cool, just hope it’s not like every free game from big companies, made for payers as pay to win.


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