Warface’s newest trailer reads like a sports gear commercial with lines like “aim better”, “strike faster”, “shoot farther” and “hit harder”. I was half expecting one of the soldiers to stop and take a drink from a Gatorade bottle or the camera to cut to a soldier’s shoes which would turn out to be a pair of Nikes. Apparently though, the trailer’s focus was on Warface’s real-time weapon customization which allows a player to change out attachments on the fly without needing to respawn or redeploy at a weapons terminal.

Those of you who have played Crysis will instantly recognize the familiar customization layout within Warface. Players can change out scopes, add silences, a fore-grip or even grenade launchers in order to tailor their weapon to the situation at hand. The attachments will need to be unlocked for the specific weapon beforehand in order for a player to swap between them during a match. It will be interesting to see how many players sit afk out in the open while fiddling with their weapon attachments.

Warface is currently in closed beta and will officially launch sometime in Spring. If you would like to sign up for the beta you can do so here.

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  1. seems like a good game havent tried it yet but i will give it a chance once i can but this trailer makes u think that you gonna be owning everyone if u modify your weapon correctly which is disturbing

  2. i like the game as far iv seen it played but havent got any key all this time. still think will do good since theres no many FPS lately on market

  3. I played the russian version for a while but the stopped .. game got pretty boring…
    In higher levels the AI always hit the head and sometimes impossible to cover due to the lack of cover ..

    not bad but people who have unlocked more mods and weapons will have an advantage

    Impossible to play as medic in pvp .. due to the shotgun limited range and players would mostly like to kill you than others

    I would rate Warface : 6/10

    * Note it was very long time ago .. and things may have changed

    • Agreed/ I have written an extensive review on the Warface posts already. I am glad the proof by other gamers is coming in. This game is horrible. Probably the worst FPS I have played. The graphics are good but everything else feels so broken. It seriously feels like some one was about to create a persistant world fps or a battlefield like game, got shut down, so they canned the entire project into a small map zerg fest.

      1) The classes are useless. Seriously, engineer armor repair skill…in a game where you die in less than 10 seconds and respawn instantly…aint no one got time fo dat. Even in PVE, it is a joke. The only thing engineer has usefull is trip bombs…welcome the abusers and cheap kills.

      2) The sniper has no skill slots, forcing a combat sniper, actually one of the most fail sniper classes in any fps I ever played.

      3) MEdic is the most flawed. Reviver paddles…But you res instantly and can run back under less than 3 seconds anywhere on the map. WTF is that even used for, and more, it has a 30 or 60 second recharge…Like I said, when you play PvP you feel like this game was supposed to be made for something bigger and got dumbed down. This is also reflective in the weapons and hit boxes.

      4) The most stupid element that they try to market this game: The hoisting…YOu hoist a buddy to a platform…BUT! not all the logical platforms…just the ones they chose…so what you have is basically ladder placement removed and two players needed to use a ladder system…it is that stupid. And the areas to climb are not strategic (due to shit and small map design).

      DL if you want, but I can gaurantee you get more of a product free out of Blacklight, AVA, TF2 etc.. This is just eye candy gone horriby wrong.

      • and PS the first few levels not so bad. Because no one has armor purchased yet and learning. Later on, you van build a beefy tank. All you do is slide (super abused) and knife people. Best end game strategy hands down 😉

  4. I suggest everyone to sign up for cb i got an invite about 2 hours after i signed up

    Plus i play on EU server if anyone wants to add me : stelth24

    • Yea. i got my invite yesterday to, but i signed up a while back. I guess they started expanding the beta. I had no clue this game is a browser game. Do they have any downloadable version?

  5. I played this game in the russian beta, and I have to say, it’s not as good as it looks. In fact it’s quite a snorefest. It’s really just another shooter, just with CryEngine.

  6. i got my hands on alpha and going to beta plus i am a regular on the fourms no customization is for all lvls but its cost (ingame)monney and makes weapons little more costly to maintain though they dont know if they will keep that in their the guns in this game all feeel difrent so cutomization is important part of mastering your gun so its been given to new and old players alike thats all i can say for now about it tho they will yell at me if i say more.

  7. So can anyone who has played in beta tell me how will the customization upgrades works?Because if a high lvl with alots of upgrade can customize anytime than new players will be owned,Unless buying the wep unlocks all of them..

    • There are three categories of unlocks: weapons, gear, weapon mods. Once you’ve unlocked a certain weapon mod, you can attach it to any weapon that supports it (for example, you can’t attach a bipod and high magnification scope to a pistol).

      Generally weapon mods don’t make a weapon stronger (the only exception is probably a noob tube (underslung grenade launcher)), so there’s no reason to worry. On the other hand high tier weapons can be quite unbalanced if Russian Warface is any inidication…

  8. Good game, but right now the weapons are a little too under powered. It seems like I need to blast a full clip into them until they die. The Russian version was better. Hope they fix the problems it does have.


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