WEBZEN Inc. is hosting ALL-IN-ONE promotion until August 10 2011, and also announces the game update and events for Archlord, Soul of the Ultimate Nation, R2 Online, and MU Online during the promotion period.

On July 27 2011, Best PvP MMORPG Archlord is unveiling the next expansion Episode 7:Ascent From Hell. This update features, the new high level realm ‘Heaven’s Hell’, new monsters and items with unique stats, can be found throughout the realm. Also, level cap of Archlord character will be released from 99 to 120 for the first time. With this expansion update, one of the main features of the game ‘Siege Warfare’ will be renewal.

For WEBZEN’s another successful free-to-play MMORPG, Soul of the Ultimate Nation, is updating Episode 2. This massive update introduces custom passive skills, existing skill system renewal, and unique new items such as wings and mounts. Also a new continent ‘Serient’ and PvP exclusive map ‘Corrupted Temple’ will be updated as well.

Meanwhile, WEBZEN’s new launching MMORPG ‘R2 Online’ is holding the 2nd user test until August 10, 2011. The 1st user test participants will be automatically qualified to enjoy 2nd user test without any additional register, while new players are required to sign up for the ALL-IN-ONE beta key. During the 2nd user test, the main feature of the game Guild vs. Guild ‘Siege Warfare’ will be released, and users can participate in the this massive Siege War event on August 6, 2011.

In addition, the legendary MMORPG MU Online is holding an event which players can gain the mount called ‘Red Fenrir’ until August 3, 2011. MU Online recent updated season 6, new class ‘Rage Fighter’ and the new map Karutan are getting very popular between the players. Also they have recently added a revolutionary auto hunting system called ‘MU Official Helper’ which allows players to hunt monsters easily.

Tony Kim, the Head of Global Publishing at WEBZEN, said “We were very surprised that a lot of gamers showed interest about the ALL-IN-ONE beta key promotion.” He added, “The promotion lasts until August 10, so we hope that more global online gamers could participate in this promotion and experience all our servicing games.”

Further details on the ALL-IN-ONE promotion and other events can be found at WEBZEN’s Global Portal, www.webzen.com.


  1. If you create a new account, be sure to enter the key before you get the email verification. I waited til after and now am having trouble getting the key to confirm. That said, ARCHLORD looks like a K-A game and I cant wait to try it out.


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