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Title: R2 Online | Status: Shutdown
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 2.6 GB
Publisher: Webzen
Developer: NHN corp.

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What’s explosive about it:
Transformation System (over 100 transformations)
Castle/Spot Siege
Realistic Hit Effect

R2 Online is a free to play 3D MMORPG with a strong emphasis on siege based PvP. R2 Online features not only various battle system such as PvP in open fields, GvG and Castle Siege but also great action animation. Moreover, four different types of characters in R2 Online will be available for users: ‘Warrior’ for closed-range combat, ‘Ranger’ for in long-range firepower, ‘Elf’ for magic and ‘Assassin’. Furthermore, these characters can also be transformed into other 100 different characters.

In a unique item system of R2 Online, all items can be used by users with no limit to level and ability and this unique system make PvP much more exciting in R2 Online.

R2 Online system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
RAM: 512 MB | HDD: ? GB Free
CPU: AMD 2000+, P4 2.0GHz
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 8500, GeForce 4 Ti 4200
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  1. Nothing but a wanna-be-glorified-hack-n-slash-grindfest pay2win pile of crap…..if you can even get the game to run.

    Oh but be my guest, and try it out for yourself.

  2. this game seems like nothing but a complete copy+paste from Lineage 2 as for the PK “system” which there is “no other game like that ” you seem to have missed the past 15 years of Lineage 1 , Lineage 2 and Rohan all have the vengence system and L2 is pretty much 1:1 with this one but exists since 2004 had a few changes in graphics and modeling and interface more effects and levels , it’s probably in the top 3 games with most classes could be the game with most classes not sure , pvp and pk modes are awesome and the community is ginormous ,basically it beats this one in every step , so if you are into playing grindy type games with more classes and nice effects massive sieges and incredible amount of monsters ,armors weapons and so on i’d recommend you Lineage 2 so far the best of the grindy ,and it’s free now .

    • Lineage 2 might have been very good for a long time, but although the game is F2P now, It’s utterly garbage, It looks like nothing It once was. If you want to have a good L2 experience nowadays you’ll have to find an Interlude private server or wait for the official L2 classic release in Europe, which might never happen anyway.

  3. bjr everyone
    how is it to download R2 online please because I am French and I can not find download links for help please
    j would play a R2 online because I find the graphics beautiful and very bad air simpas 🙂
    j s’d really like to play it please
    help me to find the download links for the site and register m
    thank you for your help
    good day to you all

  4. I have to agreed with the fact the game interface indeed looks old. But is ok. As for the NPC issue you had with the goblin let me tell you that maybe you needed more level to be able to kill him.
    About the combat system, im guessing you talking about the PK general. Because the game logo is very simple. NO RULES JUST POWER. So you will grind and lvl up and fight at the same time. Thats what makes the game fun. Eventually this type of game is not for everybody. Its a power style game. So notice that you will have to fight even though if you dont want. You will have to defend yourself and you will have to learn to payback or attack. This is what makes this game different from any other MMORPG game out there. This is just simply that, POWER. The more level the better equipment you have, the better you be off in the game.
    I dont feel like i have plenty of game play to judge the game itself. The test where full of bugs and mistakes. And the game wasnt even as it 40% so its very hard to make a review just yet. But the game purposse its well accomplish. And Ill be waiting for next text. Which will be pretty soon.

    • Lol you have no idea what you’re talking about. There’s already a game like that with a vengeance system called ROHAN. And if it is anything like this one, I already lost interest because in ROHAN you have to friggin dump tons of cash into it to even be at a competitive level (or according to you “…you will have to learn to payback or attack”)

  5. The graphics look good but i don’t get why they keep creating new mmorpg with 3-4 classes it’s simply boring and useless to waste any time on it.

    Best games are those with tons of class/job/skill available choice like:

    Everquest II
    Vanguard saga of Heroes
    LOTR online
    Age of conan etc.

    • What is this transformation I’m hearing about, is it to replace class/jobs while progressing? if so that’s hot. meaning there is over 100 possibilities of a single class?

  6. These are just my 1st impressions of the game..

    The graphics are okay, they are nothing to complain about, they are about as good as most mmorpg’s out there. When you finally enter the game, you realize the interface is old and VERY bland, this was a big turn-off for me. I’m not gonna lie, talking to the people that were supposed to guide you, was very boring, and after talking to them, you finally leave the tutorial island which didn’t even have you fight any monsters..

    When I entered this new instance, I decided to just grind to see what the gameplay was like. After walking quite a bit, I found a goblin (for once I’m not fighting a cute creature), since I didn’t have any skills yet, I decided to just point & click to obviously kill the goblin. I clicked once at the goblin, and all my character did was hit him once….. After that I realized that to keep attacking, I had to repetitively keep clicking my mouse, and half the time, I kept missing. the interface didn’t even say I was missing, my character would just attack and the goblin would receive no damage. After only hitting the goblin twice, I died and eventually revived which left me disappointed in the game.

    I know this game is in closed beta, so I’m not trolling, just giving my honest opinion…


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