Webzen Inc., one of the world’s major game developer and publisher, announced a special promotional event today to celebrate their second anniversary of Webzen Global Portal.

Webzen Global Portal has successfully managed to be one of the major global game publishers. To celebrate their successful second year, Webzen is hosting a special promotion from July 20 to August 10, 2011. During the promotion period, ALL-IN-ONE Key holders will be able to activate all four games; Archlord, MU Online, S.U.N, and R2 Online benefits with one beta key. Get your key now here!

MU Online, one of the world most famous MMORPG, will be providing beta key holders with a newly updated class ‘Rage Fighter’. For Soul of the Ultimate Nation only the beta key holders will be able to create the unreleased new class of Episode 2 and will be provided with a special beta key mount.

Another successful best PVP MMORPG, Archlord invites players to a beta server, where players can experience the new expansion ‘Ascent From Hell’ beforehand, with a level 100 character fully set up with the new heroic armor and weapon. For last R2 Online recently launched game, will take players to a whole new game feature, Castle Siege, through the 2nd user test.

Tony Kim, the Head of Global Publishing at Webzen, said “To celebrate our second anniversary, we have planned an enormous beta key promotion, which has never been held before in any portal sites.” He added, “This promotion will be a great opportunity not only for our 1.5 million Webzen.com members but also for all global online gamers to experience our four servicing portal games.”

The detailed information of these events can be found at www.webzen.com.


  1. Honestly playing their games is pointless, the staff are never there, they never fix bugs it seems and they screw people over A LOT.

    Had fun with the games but not going to play them anymore.


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