Remember that tweet that Marc Merrill sent out a little under a week ago… the one that had us all going, “Oh, Wait… Is Riot going to make a League of Legends MMO?”? Well, then you’ll probably also remember he later told Variety that that wasn’t necessarily the case. In fact, he said he was just trying to “encourage players to think of what Riot’s long-term goals could look like.”

When I updated the original post about that I noted that apparently there was no LoL MMO in the works… “at least for now”. Because honestly, I don’t buy that they haven’t at least toyed with the idea. The lore is there, they have the money. Yes, the success of such an endeavor is questionable. But isn’t that true of any game?

So, at this point, it’s kind of not a surprise that the MMO thing is being discussed again… this time in Venturebeat… and that Marc isn’t exactly saying there won’t be a Riot made MMO. He’s just not also saying there will be one. When asked if Riot is currently working on an MMORPG, his response was that he wasn’t “going to answer that directly.”

“The question that is really interesting and relevant is: ‘What does the future of MMOs look like?’ I think we have a view, others have a view, [and] players have a view. World of Warcraft continues to be a dominating game. There is a really good argument that going head-to-head with World of Warcraft may not be the best move, but who knows. We’re exploring a lot of stuff; thinking about a lot of stuff.”

So, there you have it. We don’t know if a League (or any other) MMO will be coming out of Riot any time soon — if ever. But what we do know is that they’ve put a lot of thought into the idea in the offices. So, once again. It’s not entirely off the table.

In other news — while I have you here — Riot published a post on their blog detailing the new Nexus Blitz mode. The mode will be part of the new Experimental Modes program which allows players to test out new ways to play the game. This particular mode lasts about 15 minutes. Each team will consist of a duo jungle and three laners. The maps are smaller, meaning they’ll all be closer to one another. It should be a nice addition for players looking to play in shorter bursts on occasion.

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  1. There’s no hope for the future of mmorpgs atm. We the community are soo hungry to snap at anything that comes along. So far we been getting suckered on cash grab mmos. You know which ones i’m talkin about. It sucks so bad because the market is there! The companies are not producing tho. So here we sit, waiting on the backburner for the next new mmorpg to breathe hope back into us.

  2. Riot has everything it needs to make an MMO but whatever they do better be unique and different.

    I think it will be more likely it’ll be pvp focused with players taking on the role of the characters. Would that mean we would see multiple Ahris? Yeah probably but that is still more preferable to having the characters simply be boring quest givers in quest hubs

  3. Clearly a promise could be broken any time, moreover it’s still crystal clear to me when I was having fun with Dragon’s Prophet say it was the long-term goal, but was scrapped, so another thing is people seem to be stuck with WORLD OF WARCRAFT , would any sane game developer out there, could think of anyway at any rate of how to simply change all of these entertainer to Entertain us with a new things just as much as that Elon musk

    Why I say Elon Musk ? Dude, him think of a reverse rocket and actually BUILD it with the team, say the other are Game Developer, they only reflect upon the past but simply made a New-Past.

    Ever wonder the box that WOW myth build is actually surround us this whole time and the myth became true yet not only true it become a Reality of a simply just a legend, thus when something new comes out of anything say Open World, Battle Royal, and others, people keep shutting a bull baby powder on the community, ‘Old School’ was and is better.

    All these new game simply entertain for a minutes of our time. tho some, and I would say again some quite promising, I tip my hat especially to Hideo Kojima, and several new game 2018-2019.

    So please, Flick the finger of Thanos. and move on.

    Gratitude if published. Have a cold one mmobomb :raise a glass of water:


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