World Of Tanks Just Got A BIG Technical Update, And Tanks That Never Made It Into Production

This one isn’t just new tanks, but you are getting those too.

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World of Tanks Major Update

Today, Wargaming dropped a pretty big update for World of Tanks. In fact, according to the press release, it’s the biggest technical update of the year. Included in the update aren’t just tanks (although there are tanks), but also a new map, matchmaking changes, and some re-balancing. The matchmaking love adds new rules to balancing light and wheeled tanks, always trying to match these tanks so that each team has the same number of vehicles. It also adjusts the number of SPGs per team so that players can take to the battle with 0-2 SPGs per team.

The new map debuts in Random Battles and is named Outpost. It’s a summer map with open green areas, city ruins, and a fortress with its own outpost. And then, of course, there are the tanks.

As for the tanks, surviving blueprints and archived materials have given players access to a large group of Italian tanks. Included are the Semovente M41, Semovente M43 Bassoto, the Semovente Controcarro mod. 1956, the Contracarro mod. 67, the Contracarro 1 Mk, and the Contracarro 3 Minotauro. As stated, these tanks are available in-game because the blueprints still exist. Apparently, they were incomplete concepts that never made it into production.

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