World Of Warcraft Tokens Can No Longer Be Bought With Gold If You Haven't Bought A Sub With Real Money In The Last 6 Years

Blizzard isn't being very clear with players on why this change is coming next week.

Michael Byrne
By Michael Byrne, Editor in Chief Posted:


Here's a change I bet you didn't see coming: World of Warcraft Tokens, that item Blizzard sells to players in the MMORPG that are redeemable for 30 days of game time and can be sold to other players for in-game gold, is getting a new restriction starting next week.

In order to "preserve the integrity of the game and provide a better token market to players," Blizzard announced that starting next week (November 21st) you will not be able to actually purchase the Token from the game's auction house or in-game store with gold UNLESS you've purchased at least 30 days of game time using real world money sometime since 2017.

Obviously this is 6 years ago, so it won't be a problem for many people who have likely bought at least 1 month of game time with their credit card, but I'm sure there's going to be SOME actual players impacted here. This is most likely aimed and bot management/fighting as the end result means that anyone buying the Token has had to register an accepted payment method at one time or another...meaning you're no longer anonymous.

While the original announcement is locked and can't be replied to, the forums are having quite a bit of fun speculating on the "real" reason for the new restriction.

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keesasha 1 week ago
Well, I'm glad I used all of my gold in the last few years...I had over 12 mil by the end of Legion, but I bought lots of games for my friends/brother's birthdays and expansions and yeah, they're gone now :D Haven't bought a real sub since the token was first introduced aaaall the way back in 2015, so I'm ineligible now. And no way this is meant to fight bots, how many accounts that bot do you think can last for SIX YEARS? I know Actiblizzard sucks at fighting bots, but they're not THAT bad.


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